So here I will show you how to make a 1:1 scale guitar model, it does not play it is just for fun or if you make it well enough it can be a decoration. Though you could apply what i said in my first intractable and use that information here. So here i will be making an Explorer guitar ( based off my gibson ) I will have a paper template that i made ( not very well made ) but it tells where to put pickups and stuff.
All the scans are the templates

Step 1: So We Start....

Getting a box together and making the template and putting up basic guides.
So we draw out the template of the guitar and cut it out, make sure to make two copies of the guitar, the two copies will serve as a back and front part.
Then draw out a pickguard and the areas where you want the pickups,bridge and control knobs
Did u draw or trace the guitar design
I've been searching high and low for free exact scale drawing of a explorer
<p>Not sure if mine helped, it was a very hap hazard drawing, if you would like i could make an instructable with just different full scale guitar bodies.</p>

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