Picture of Making a 3D Model of a Shuriken in Blender
This instructable is intended to be a clear, detailed set of instructions on how to create a simple model in Blender. It makes a great first project and teaches some of the basics of blender which can be used to create much more complex models. If you need to get Blender, the newest version can be downloaded here.  Another interesting blender tutorial can be found here.
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Step 1: Getting Started with Blender

Picture of Getting Started with Blender
When you open Blender, you will notice that there is already objects there. At this stage we don't need these objects so let's delete them. But, before we do that, let's go over some basic commands that help make Blender so powerful.

Left Mouse Button (LMB) is generally in charge of moving stuff around
Middle Mouse Button (MMB) is what changes the viewpoint
Right Mouse Button (RMB) is what selects and deselects
A is select all / deselect all
E is Extrude
S is Scale
Space brings up a menu for item creation

So just press A until all of the items are pink then press Del then

Step 2: Make a Plane

Picture of Make a Plane
The base for this shuriken is a plane. Create one by pressing Space then put your mouse over Add>Mesh then click Plane. A square should appear on your screen

Step 3: Subdivide

Picture of Subdivide
Blender has a feature called Subdivide which will split the plane into 4 identical planes. We will use that to get the plane ready to be transformed into shuriken shape.

First enter Edit Mode

Then click Subdivide

The plane should now look like the picture.

If this doesn't work, make sure you have selected the plane by pressing A

Step 4: Give it the Shuriken Shape

Picture of Give it the Shuriken Shape
So to get the plane to look like a shuriken, start with one corner and drag it out until it looks good. For me, this was one big square in the grid.

To select a corner, make sure everything is deselected (selected points, or vertices, turn yellow)
RMB on the corner then drag it out and use LMB to set the vertex there.

Do this to all four sides.
St Jimmy3 years ago
In the new blender, you can do this by going to the View bar at the bottom, and clicking 'Toggle Quad View' or alternatively press Ctrl Alt Q
thomas96664 years ago
Love this instructable.... Although... From a previous attempt at Blender modeling i know that you can set a picture as the material of texture.
I have a picture of blood on steel and I would like this to be on the shuriken but how do you do it?
I have just rendered the image and I love the picture but I still think it would look better with a blood effect
killersquirel11 (author)  thomas96664 years ago
Try this link

It does a decent job of describing the process.
cheers! it worked but for some reason it won't render the image now...
freerunnin15 years ago
im thinking about making an instructable about blender too, i have just finished modeling, uv mapping and texturing my model of a magnum, ill attach a couple of pics...
magnum 1.jpgmagnum 2.jpgmagnum 3.jpg
killersquirel11 (author)  freerunnin15 years ago

Send me a link when you do and I'll be sure to put it somewhere in my instructable.
oh and i subscribed to you btw
ok ive just finished the tutorial and i put  a link in it to your tutorial, heres a link to it.
its not that clear because i crammed alot of info into a small amount of space thats why i put a link to yours in it so they could se it simplified if you know what i mean