Introduction: Making a 3D Printed Drone

YouTube Channel: -->3D Print Bro's

The videos will show you how I made a 3D printed drone and teach you some of the technique I used.


A lot of work and sacrifice went into making the videos so that you can learn from all my struggles. At one point I thought I was going to scrap everything and give up because there was so many obstacles with no google solutions. I told myself that that I'm not a quitter and that I always finish what I start even though there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Step 1: Proof of Flight

It's always good to have proof of a working project.

Step 2: Install Fusion 360


Go to the website and follow the instructions.

Click This -->Fusion 360 Download

Step 3: Fun Little Intro Video

Step 4: Tutorial

The audio of the first 4 minutes only plays out of the left speaker, so you might not hear sound if you have one speaker.

Step 5: 3D Printer

Software Part
In Fusion 360 click on the side arrow of body where the green arrow is pointing.

Where the yellow arrow is pointing right hand click and "Save As STL."

Hit OK.

Click Save.

Now drag the STL file into your 3D printer software. I use "FlashPrint."

Click "Print," "Brim," and more options to change the settings if you want to

If everything looks good then click OK.

My Settings:
Print Speed: 50mm/s
Travel Speed: 70mm/s
Extruder: 230 C
Platform: 60 C

Printer Part
A cheep thin sheet of glass is secured with binder clamps to the printers bed to insure an even print.
Elmer's glue sticks are used if the part's not sticking. Disappearing purple works best for me.
ABS Flash Forge filament is used.

Step 6: Electronics

Step 7: LibrePilot (OpenPilot) Tutorial With OpenPilot CC3D

Here is a video I made that should help you setup the flight controller.


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