Step 9: Print and clean up

The model will now print. In the picture you can see the support material under the arms and chin.

Remove the support material by pulling it off with pliers, and trim it with an X-acto knife.

Removing the support will leave marks and "bruising" on the plastic. You can get rid of these by using a hot air gun to heat the model for a few seconds - the bruising will disappear.

You now have a miniature copy of a teddy bear!
<p>can you give an estimate of size are we talking Mb's , !00's of Mb's or Gb's it's something that I have to take in on a limited download limit</p>
<p>the actual size of the sample scan compared to the size of files scanned will vary how?<br>it will be shrunk or enlarged many times the actual size?</p>
Can this make a mirror image. .example. .you could print a part in a right or left hand model
<p>The tutorials for Catch have moved: http://www.123dapp.com/howto/catch</p>
Is there a NON-Interactive (command line) program that can take an OBJ file as input, identify all holes and fill them? I have a 3D scanner that correctly scans an object, but always leaves a hole at its base. I'm trying to avoid the manual step of firing up an interactive program just to fill the hole. If this can be automated, I can go directly from scanner to printer.
Buen Comentario, Gracias ! <br> <br>( He hecho un modelo 3D Print,y ha salido muy bien, <br> pero desde 3ds max,no aun desde 123d catch). <br> Me interesa pues es un programa gratis. <br> <br>Cual es el problema con las cargas al 123d Catch ? que parece no tan simple, <br>con su servidor ?. <br>Saludos, Gracias <br>
i have obj files i am interested in printing but they are often not manifold or they are not closed solids etc. can mesh mixer fix this automatically without destroying the overall shape.

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