Step 9: Print and clean up

Picture of Print and clean up
The model will now print. In the picture you can see the support material under the arms and chin.

Remove the support material by pulling it off with pliers, and trim it with an X-acto knife.

Removing the support will leave marks and "bruising" on the plastic. You can get rid of these by using a hot air gun to heat the model for a few seconds - the bruising will disappear.

You now have a miniature copy of a teddy bear!
CFELDMAN2 years ago
Buen Comentario, Gracias !

( He hecho un modelo 3D Print,y ha salido muy bien,
pero desde 3ds max,no aun desde 123d catch).
Me interesa pues es un programa gratis.

Cual es el problema con las cargas al 123d Catch ? que parece no tan simple,
con su servidor ?.
Saludos, Gracias