Making a Basic Paper Airplane


Introduction: Making a Basic Paper Airplane

Here is how to make a basic paper airplane.

Step 1: Get Piece of Paper

Lay it out so it is landscape orientation

Step 2: Fold Paper in Half

Step 3: Unfold

Step 4: Fold Down Right Corner to Center Line?

Step 5: Fold Down Left Corner to Center Line

Step 6: Fold Right Edge to Center Line

Step 7: Fold Down Left Edge to Center Line

Step 8: Fold in Half

Step 9: Bring Down Top Edge and Fold to Match Bottom Line

Step 10: Do the Same With Other Side

Step 11: Finished Airplane!!!!



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    3 Discussions

    I curved the tip down a little to make a "beak." The beak kind of make it loop-the-loop in the air!!! :D I named it The Falcon

    Great instructable! Thanks for sharing!