The following are some simple instructions on creating a paracord bracelet using either one or two different colors of cord. These bracelets are worn for fashion and also serve a purpose in the outdoor industry. Once the bracelet is disassembled, you can use the twine for snares, traps, tie-downs, and even be used to create a make-shift tent (I've done all of them). When the strand is standing on its own it can handle up to 550 pounds of tensile strength. This is where the term "550 cord" or "550 cable" comes from. This particular set of instructions use buckle type fasteners. Once you figure the basic idea of this bracelet and weave you can find many different uses for it! Get creative!

Step 1: Supplies for Bi-tone Paracord Bracelet

1. Minimum 8 ft of paracord per bracelet  *NOTE* Length may vary depending on width of wrist.
          a. To make a rough measurement of the length needed, take a free end of paracord in one hand while extending your arm and draw it out while holding one end near your armpit. This is roughly 3ft. This should give you an idea of how much your cutting without using any type of measuring device. REMEMBER! It’s always better to have extra than not enough!
          b. If TWO colors are being used, simply split the difference of cord used. For example, I have large wrists and I prefer the bracelet to be quite loose, so I will use about 10 feet of cord. So if I am using green and tan cord, I will use 5 feet of green cord and 5 feet of tan.
2. Lighter
3. Scissors or Sharp Knife
4. Fastener of some sort
     a. ParaCord fasteners can be found at most hobby stores
     b. Leather Buttons  
     c. Washers
     d. Various knots can be used, but require much more cord (monkey’s fist, ball knot, etc.)
This particular set of instructions is to give you the basic idea of how it's done. The principle of the weave can translate to anything.

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