Originally I had made an adaptor for my childrens wagon handle to work with a hitch I had made for my bicycle so that I could pull them in the wagon. This worked fine until we rode to the park one day, and my son and I were having too much of a good time. When I got to the bottom of the hill he was laughing his head off careening down there, and I did a quick loop at the bottom of the hill. Well, this sent him sailing out of the wagon. It happened to be a day my ex-wife actually came with to the park, and she came unglued at the thought of him sailing out of the wagon. He was young and bouncy and loved it, but it inspired what I dubbed my trailer cart.

Pontiacs big theme was wider is better, so I adopted it myself and figured if it was good for Pontiac it would work for my sons trailer cart. I didnt model it exactly this way, but the original was literally almost as wide as a city sidewalk- I wasnt fooling around, and didnt want to have to slow down any because of worrying about tipping over. I knew my son would enjoy the quick ride, too, and I even devised a method for him to have a ready-made 5-point harness. He was still in a carseat at the time, which had a harness, so I designed the trailer cart around housing his carseat, which is how this resulted. Wider is better, 5-point harness- got it!

I did not take pictures of the project as this was made years ago, and I may still be able to dig up a finished product picture anyway, but even so it was taken at night, so I have modeled a similar likeness in CAD. It isn't as good as pictures would be and it isn't exact, but it shouldnt be anyway. You will need to modify yours to fit your needs, and you may not want to take up an entire city sidewalk, but remember, the little tikes are safer when you follow the mantra: Wider is Better.

Step 1: Tools Needed

Drill (electric, cordless, hand)
Hand or Circular or Chop Radial Arm or equivalent Saw
Screwdriver or equivalent to tighten eyebolts
Adjustable Wrenches or sockets or equivalent

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