When you've played as much Mario as I have you can occasionally get the odd thought that you might actually deserve something for all of your time well spent. Like big game hunters you want to flaunt your prowess with trophies of your best accomplishments, right? Since I've beaten Bowser more times that I can count I figure I need a Bowser trophy, and really, who could blame me?

Step 1:

I started with getting the game model for Bowser from Mario Galaxy, since I thought this was the best 3d version of him. If you open him up in Crafty you get a confusing wire diagram like the one pictured above, but crafty lets you save out in other formats. So Crafty converts my MTL file to a more familiar OBJ.
<p>loved this project, I would love to give it a try.</p><p> could you send me the pdo file?</p><p>Damian.fliman@gmail.com</p>
<p>can you send me the pepakura files please?</p><p>maxim.vanhoenacker@outlook.be</p>
<p>I have some projects of Super Mario on my blog and would like to try this model, please take a look at my projects and I pass this pdo so I can do</p><p>michelpalmares@hotmail.com</p><p>my blog: <a href="http://overdosegamer.blogspot.com.br/2012/09/papercraft-resina.html" rel="nofollow"> http://overdosegamer.blogspot.com.br/2012/09/pape...</a></p>
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kyuubi_matheus@hotmail.com <br>Please send me .pdo file
daniel_white2@hotmail.com please send me .pdo file.
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I could send email (palillo3@hotmail.com) file pod. <br>From already thank you very much.
&quot;Now to do a fill size Koopa...&quot;<br> <br> Go one stage better and make a red Koopa shell and mount it on a skate board. Like who wouldn't want to bomb around on a red Koopa shell just like Mario.
Ha! I was thinking more giant red-shell bumper-kart... hmm.. like I told poofrabbit though, I get lots of Ideas I may or may never start. The Koopa I pulled the game model already, and have converted to a obj already though, so it has a better chance. The main problem I ran into on that was game models tend to &quot;overlap&quot; which doesn't help when you're doing it in the physical realm. Usually fixable with a good pair of scissors, but the purest in me wants to re-work it. Had the same problem with Bowser's teeth. They were all the same size when I started. I may be one of the first people to do dental work on a what's-it from the Mario universe. There's one for the books. Thanks for the comments and compliments!! Good luck with the leather project. Let me know how it goes.
skateboard, razor scooter, home made go cart, they all would be extra cool with a Koopa shell on <br> <br>I was recently given a pair of huge antlers it see what the would turn like on the wood lathe , but they are just to big and impressive to cut up so i plan to make some e sort of trophy from them to stick on the gable of the shed for a laugh. the shed is allot more tidy now this is the mid shed tidy up and rebuild that I'm in the middle of. <br> <br>I have some large bulks of ancient pitch pine that was the roof beams of the old cottage that got demolished, I think i can come up with a design for a stags head made from those and it will also give me a chance to try my hand at some wood carving too.
Pure quality!<br> <br> A number of years ago i found a Japanese site that had a paper craft 3D Bowser that I spent about a month cutting out and gluing. At the time I wanted to upscale the head part to mask size and make it from leather, back then i was a PC tech and just didn't have the time, I'll have to put that idea back on the work pending pile again.<br> <br> I hope you haven't played fable, or you will start selling your house with the trophy still on the wall for a profit, then kick the door in to steal it back and buy the house back and repeat ad ifinitum until you make loads of money. :-)<br> <br> Excellent work.
It is the most wonderfully awesome thing mine eyes have ever beheld!!!!
YAY!! Now it's your turn!! Hey everybody, check her stuff out at <br> <br>http://seamonkeycovetradingco.blogspot.com/ <br> <br>It's awesome.
Dude this is seriously cool! It's about time you listened to me and entered. You rock! I knew you would!
Thanks Thespa!! You rock too! Can't wait to see your flower project.
Really god instructable, but seems impossible to me, can you post the results of pepakura as pdf.
Since I made him as big as I did most of the parts trail across multiple pages. I'm not sure how that would work in a pdf format. Also, I'm not even sure how to convert it that way. While checking it out for you I did find that I could've exported it as an EPS file and printed it on a large format on the mutoh at work and saved me several hours of work, so that sucks. <br>As far as &quot;impossible&quot; goes, I promise you it's not. I'm self taught all the way. That's the beauty of a website like this one, there's always someone willing to teach. I seriously doubt I'll ever actually post the PDO file here though. It's an insane amount of work, and this actually took days worth of work stretched out over a year. I did it all so I could learn how to do it myself because I wanted one like no one else. I hope this doesn't make me sound like a jerk. There are lots of free bowser papercrafts available on game sites and papercraft sites all over the web. Thanks for the comment and compliment. Good luck!
Oh hey, also....dremal makes a fantastic multi-speed engraver, very easy to use and you can practice on about any scrap metal. ;-)
Thanks for the comments!! I've already added &quot;Learn to engrave&quot; to my to-do list somewhere between &quot;japanese caligraphy&quot; and &quot;hoverboard.&quot; Good thing I never stick to my lists, huh? Thanks again!!
I understand the list thing and not sticking to them. LOL!
This is so cool! I'd love to have this hanging in my game room and know a lot of other gamers who would as well. Great 'able!

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