Step 7:

Picture of
Next, after some primer and touch-ups comes the fun part. Paint job time.There are more reference photos of Bowser than you can shake a digital stick at, and all of them seemed to be a bit different. So there are now questions like: Is his hair red or orange? what color are his eyes? does he have a visible scale pattern? Am I losing my mind? How much am I going to have to do to make all this up to my wife? Some of these have answers. It also allows for some personal interpretation that lets your trophy really be YOUR trophy.

When it was all said and done I mounted him on a plaque hastily cut out of MDO and coated him a few times with a gloss sealer because shiny is good. I am still "debating" with my wife over where he goes now. I plan on adding a brass tag to the plaque as soon as I teach myself to engrave. And that is that. Good luck!!

Now to do a full size Koopa...
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dizzle22652 years ago
Hey can you send me the pdo file please I really like to build this email is Dizzle2265@aol.com
Dr Qui3 years ago
"Now to do a fill size Koopa..."

Go one stage better and make a red Koopa shell and mount it on a skate board. Like who wouldn't want to bomb around on a red Koopa shell just like Mario.