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Recently i found that PIC microcontrollers can be used likearduinos using the pinguino hardware. so i built a pinguino which i can use. My version has the I/O pins as header in single line. 

So i an sharing some of the photos and videos of my pinguino. I also found that using the pinguino IDE may be slightly hard for some people to start with, as it is different from arduino. So i made a tutorial on how to use the IDE for first time. also do check out.

Here is the video of the pinguino on verro board 

Using the pinguino IDE for first time

Installing the pinguino driver on woindows.


ahmed.eng78 (author)2015-12-20

can you please give a video tutorial for bootloading.

skpvignesh (author)2013-10-14

I have PIC16F628A. Can I use it?

shparvez001 (author)skpvignesh2013-10-21

No. Pinguino is supported for only these MCUs

8-bit : PIC18Fx550, PIC18Fx5K50, PIC18Fx6J50 and PIC18Fx7J53 family
32-bit : PIC32MX Mips family....

The main reason may be it doesnot have the USB interface

pityukecske (author)2013-10-12

How do you get the bootloader inside the PIC?

shparvez001 (author)pityukecske2013-10-13

For that you will need a Pic downloader.. I used Pickit 2 to download. you can get details from pinguino site

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