Making a Captain America Shield out of a BBQ Grill

Picture of Making a Captain America Shield out of a BBQ Grill
I found a tabletop BBQ grill at ACE Hardware and immediately thought of Captain America rest in peace. This requires nothing more than sanding, epoxy, and paint!
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Step 1: Find BBQ Grill!

Picture of Find BBQ Grill!
At ACE Hardware, I found a Marsh Allan Tabletop BBQ Charcoal Grill for ~$10. After buying this, I unwrapped it and laid out the pieces

Step 2: Sanding

Picture of Sanding
The first thing to do is to sand as much as possible so you have a rough surface to affix paint to. I took a sanding block and went over as much as I could with the coarsest sandpaper I could find. I then took a can of KILZ spray primer and gave it two or three light coats.

Step 3: Print out picture

Picture of Print out picture
I printed out a picture of the Captain America Shield and picked out the blue and red paints I planned on using for the shield

Step 4: Red coat

Picture of Red coat
After the shield is completely dry, I followed the ring edges on the BBQ grill to paint it red. The outside ring of the grill was all red, and the middle ring too.

Step 5: The Star

Picture of The Star
Using the image from before, I blew up the star in Adobe Photoshop and cut it out. I then rolled thin pieces of masking tape and lined the edge of the star. Once that was done, I placed the star in the center and painted blue paint right over it.

Step 6: Paint Touch-ups

Picture of Paint Touch-ups
After removing the star, I noticed some of the blue paint had seeped underneath. I scraped the excess blue paint off with an Xacto knife and touched up the areas that needed extra coats.

Step 7: Handles

Picture of Handles
After I gave the paint a day to dry, I sprayed it with about 3 coats of clear coat. Once that was dry, I went back and mixed up some 6-minute epoxy. This was spread on the edges of the handles then set. One was placed in the middle of the shield to put your arm through, and the other was placed on the edge to grip.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
Now your Captain America shield is complete and it's time to fight crime on the streets!