Making a Card





Introduction: Making a Card

Step 1: Getting Supplies

You will need the items below

- pencil
-colored pencils
- paper of your choice
- ruler
- stickers(if want)
Anything else to make a creative card

Step 2: Folding

Fold paper the way you will want your card to be

Step 3: Brainstorming

Now you will need to think of the occasion that u will be giving this out for (birthday, Christmas , get well ,Easter , etc.)

Step 4:

I will be doing a get well card so I am gonna scetch that is in pencil

Step 5: Coloring

Know I am going to color my outlining of GET WELL SOON and add a background

Step 6: Writing Inside

Open your card and put a note to who ever you are giving it to and you can adds color to it if want to

Step 7: Adding Stuff

I am going to add glitter to make it a little more happier

Step 8: Give It Away

Now u r ready to give it to anyone

Step 9:

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