This instructable gives directions on how to make a Caribou turtle mocha. I have worked in a Caribou Coffee shop for two and a half years.  A turtle mocha is one of our most popular drinks and easy to make.  I think it is important for a recipe for a specialty drink to be known, so that you do not need to spend a lot of money at a coffee shop when you can make it at home.  Someone who would want to make this should enjoy espresso, and be prepared to make a specialty drink.  It takes under 2 minutes.  

Step 1: Materials Needed

- Espresso Machine
- Espresso cups
- Milk
- Milk Pitcher
- Scoop
- Chocolate
- Carmel Syrup
- Whip Cream
- Snickers
Can you share how to make the caribou coffee dark chocolate campfire moch
Hello, <br> <br>What's the size of the scoop? 2 tbs spoon per scoop?
OMG This is my favourite drink and there isn't a Caribou very near me, I'm always complaining that I can't get this! Thank you so much for posting the recipe!
That could be pronounced carmel but I guess it is probably written caramel :) But what do I know.<br><br>Thanks for the recipe!
You're right, in both instances where the caramel is added, the labels in the pictures say Caramel, but the author wrote carmel.
Hello,<br><br>Where can I buy chocolate chips in France ?<br><br>It seems very delicious thanks for the recipe :-)
if i were you, i would just crunch up a bar of chocolate into little shards. its cheaper than buying chocolate chips most of the time, unless they are on sale.
good recipe

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