Making a Caribou Turtle Mocha

Picture of Making a Caribou Turtle Mocha
This instructable gives directions on how to make a Caribou turtle mocha. I have worked in a Caribou Coffee shop for two and a half years.  A turtle mocha is one of our most popular drinks and easy to make.  I think it is important for a recipe for a specialty drink to be known, so that you do not need to spend a lot of money at a coffee shop when you can make it at home.  Someone who would want to make this should enjoy espresso, and be prepared to make a specialty drink.  It takes under 2 minutes.  
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
- Espresso Machine
- Espresso cups
- Milk
- Milk Pitcher
- Scoop
- Chocolate
- Carmel Syrup
- Whip Cream
- Snickers

Step 2: Measure chocolate chips into a milk pitcher

Picture of Measure chocolate chips into a milk pitcher
For a small, use 2 scoops.  For a medium, use 3 scoops.  For a large, use 4 scoops.  You can use dark, milk, or white chocolate.  I chose to use white chocolate for this example because it is the most popular.  

Step 3: Add milk to the chocolate

Picture of Add milk to the chocolate
Pour milk up to the appropriate line.

Step 4: Steam milk/chocolate combo

Picture of Steam milk/chocolate combo
Steam to 160 degrees.  For extra hot drinks steam to 180 degrees.  For not-so-hot drinks, steam to 160 degrees and then add a little cold milk. 

Step 5: Pull espresso shots

Picture of Pull espresso shots
The shots should take between 20-25 seconds to brew.

Step 6: Pump carmel into cup

Picture of Pump carmel into cup
For a small, use 3 pumps.  For a medium, use 4 pumps.  For a large, use 5 pumps.

Step 7: Pour espresso shots into cup

Picture of Pour espresso shots into cup
For a small and medium, use 2 shots of espresso.  For a large, use 3 shots of espresso.

Step 8: Add the steamed milk/chocolate combination to the cup

Picture of Add the steamed milk/chocolate combination to the cup
Fill the cup, but leave about 1 inch room for whip cream.

Step 9: Clean steaming wand

Picture of Clean steaming wand
This is necessary because otherwise the milk will dry to the wand.
Warning:   Be sure to use a towel when cleaning the steaming wand because it will be too hot for a bare hand to touch.  

Step 10: Top with whip cream

Picture of Top with whip cream
Tip: Start applying whip near the rim, and move in circles toward the center.

Step 11: Sprinkle snickers onto the whip

Picture of Sprinkle snickers onto the whip
Use only one scoop, otherwise it becomes too chunky.  

Step 12: Drizzle carmel over snickers

Picture of Drizzle carmel over snickers
Apply carmel drizzle in three concentric circles.
Can you share how to make the caribou coffee dark chocolate campfire moch
mum of 52 years ago

What's the size of the scoop? 2 tbs spoon per scoop?
OMG This is my favourite drink and there isn't a Caribou very near me, I'm always complaining that I can't get this! Thank you so much for posting the recipe!
muzzz4 years ago
That could be pronounced carmel but I guess it is probably written caramel :) But what do I know.

Thanks for the recipe!
Spookty muzzz3 years ago
You're right, in both instances where the caramel is added, the labels in the pictures say Caramel, but the author wrote carmel.
yroger4 years ago

Where can I buy chocolate chips in France ?

It seems very delicious thanks for the recipe :-)
thh420 yroger4 years ago
if i were you, i would just crunch up a bar of chocolate into little shards. its cheaper than buying chocolate chips most of the time, unless they are on sale.
mrmaiers4 years ago
good recipe