I wanted to make a new buckle for a belt. As a material, I decided to use brass.

Step 1: Making a Mold

I decided to use steel cans and green sand as molds.

Step 2: First and Second Attempts Failed

First two attempts were unsuccessful. First time, brass didn't get into the thinnest part of the mold which was 2 mm thick. During the second attempt the brass temperature was lower than it was demanded.

Step 3: Third Attempt

This time the casting was successful.

Step 4: Finishing

After polishing this belt buckle looks very nice.

<p>It is admirable how you analyze failures and go on to finally achieve your goal. ☺</p>
Thank you. :) This time I wasn't sure that it would be done. I'm glad that so much time wasn't wasted :)
<p>Very nice product! This is such a unique skill to have. I bet you have a bunch of awesome belts.</p>
Thank you :) I can say that I have a lot of belts but they are all from shops. This is my first handmade belt buckle :)

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