Making a Coffee Table From Reclaimed Pallet Wood





Introduction: Making a Coffee Table From Reclaimed Pallet Wood

In this Instructable I show you how I made an awesome rustic coffee table from reclaimed pallet wood.

This pallet wood project is simple to make and does not require any fancy tools or tiptop woodworking skills.

Materials you will need; 1 or 2 pallets, chunky wood for the legs (I use old fence post) screws, wood glue and a nice wood finish (I used dark oak satin varnish).

Tools you will need; hand saw, tape measure, drill, screwdriver and a paint brush.

Step 1: Pallet Wood Prep

To start, dismantle and clean your pallet wood by removing all nails and screws, give everything a good sanding with 80 grit.

Step 2: Measuring Legs & Frame

Measure out 16 inches for each leg. I used an old fence post for the legs.

Next I measured out 2x 23 and 2x 36 inch pallet wood planks for the frame and attach to legs (see image).

The coffee table frame will need a supporting beam in the middle to give it extra strength, I used what was left from the legs.

Step 3: Picking the Best Parts

I played around with the top panels to see which ones would look the best, and once happy I glued and screwed.

Step 4: Sand Like You've Never Sanded Before

Starting from 80, I worked my way up to 240 grit and gave the whole coffee table a good sanding.

Step 5: Select a Finish and Drink Coffee

Next I gave it two coats of dark oak satin varnish. (my preference)

I then finished by putting the table in my living room and having a cup of coffee.

Jobs a gooden...

More awesome pallet wood project by BearWoodWork



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thanks for the inspiration, here's my attempt at a copy


Just made this version but in a dining room table (just longer legs) and it turned out great!!! Thanks for this!

Awesome, love to see an image if possible!

I made this great table today, totally proud and thank you so much!


Great job, looks awsome.

I'll upload another one when its been waxed and stuff! The technique is brilliant.

You should try finishing this using the shou sugi ban technique: Char all the wood surfaces with a propane torch, brush it off with a stiff brush, then apply the finish of your choice (I like tung oil).

Nice tip, thanks. Danish man myself XD

This is a great looking table! Love the rustic, simple look. Very well done!