Introduction: Making a Crochet Holed Sock Torus

Picture of Making a Crochet Holed Sock Torus

This technique is more about speed than it is beauty...The video I made should cover the ins-&-outs of this thing.

Step 1: My First Attempt at a Video Instructable

Apparently they don't publish stand-alone I had to recreate with still photography

Step 2: Things You'll Need

Picture of Things You'll Need
  1. Green and Red #4 Acrylic yarn
  2. Holed Sock (rolled)
  3. #5 Crochet Hook

Step 3: Loop Through the Sock

Picture of Loop Through the Sock

With your crochet hook loop the yarn through the donut hole of the rolled sock

Step 4: Go Around

Picture of Go Around

Go around the donut with the yarn creating an initial weave spiral.

Step 5: When Around

Picture of When Around

When you've gone around loop the yarn through the first "Strand."

Creating smaller secondary weaves, then go all the way around the spiral till you meet the first smaller weave then cut ans stop.

Step 6: Back the Other Way

Picture of Back the Other Way

With the Red yarn start another secondary going the opposite direction.

Keep going in the spiral to you meet the Red again cut and stop.

Step 7: Done

Picture of Done

Then you're done ..this can be used for a cat toy or a soft ring toss game for kids with a Velcro board...



shapri278 (author)2017-05-11

Ok, you made it. So now what do you do with it? What is it used for?

mtritschler (author)shapri2782017-05-18

If you use a more textured stitch, it can be a dish or bath scrubber. ;)

durango421 (author)shapri2782017-05-11

Covered that in Step 7

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