So the other day my mom gave me a handful of old couch springs and
said, "if you haven't already got ideas for my birthday could you
make me a jewelry holder using these springs?" Being the maker and
artist that I am, I said, "of course!"
This year she turns 50 =O So I decided I would go all out and make
something really nice. As you may know if you've seen my other
Instructables, I am a DC at TechShop San Jose and have access to
a waterjet cutting machine. (This thing totally kicks some serious
@$$ when it comes to making) As my first personal project on the
machine, I definitely had a lot of fun and envision many future
projects on the waterjet.
So to start, the things I used include:

the waterjet!
Adobe Illustrator / VCarve Pro / FlowPath
sheet steel
plate glass mirror
old couch springs =)
Hammer / Vice
MIG welder
Dremel / metal file / emery cloth
Powder Coating system
Devcon 2-ton epoxy / clamps

Step 1: Design

My mom likes wine, so naturally any wine themed design is bound
to be a winner. I grabbed a few images off of the web and copied
them into Illustrator to use as reference. With a little tracing
and artistic positioning I came up with a simple silhouette design
that I would use as the shape of the mirror.
To clean up my vectors I brought my design into VCarve Pro. I also
used some of VCarve's Vector creation tools to expand on the mirror
design and make the design for the metal backdrop. By using the
offset path and weld/subtract vectors I made some interesting
negative space.
Got my two design files ready (one for glass, one for metal)
next step is create the path files and cut the material.
muchas gracias!

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