Picture of Making a Custom Stand for DSLR Camera
In this Instructable I will be showing my process for making a custom stand to hold
and present a Nikon D3000 digital camera. I am a DC at TechShop San Jose, and here
in our shop members make some amazing projects. We like to document everything to
show what an amazing place TechShop really is, and show off all the cool things our
members make. Our DSLR has the Eye-Fi memory card which automatically uploads our
pictures to our Flickr page. Check it out here!
So to make this stand to show off the fact that we have this great camera I used
just a few tools.

Flatbed Scanner
Autodesk Inventor
Up! 3D printer
Q-tip and Acetone
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Step 1: Measure/Scan the Camera

Picture of Measure/Scan the Camera
I wanted this stand to fit our camera just right, which meant I had to figure out the
shape and dimensions of the bottom of the camera. I did this in two ways: first I took
some measurements using a machinist ruler, and second I took a digital scan of the
bottom of the camera using a flatbed scanner.

Step 2: Design & Model

Picture of Design & Model
Next step was to create the actual design of the stand. I used Autodesk Inventor to do
all of design process. I started by making a new part file, and importing the scanned
image of the camera's bottom. Using the image as a template, and my measurements to
make sure everything was designed at the right scale, I started sketching out the base
that would eventually hold the camera. After a few hours of Inventor work, and going
through a couple different design choices, I came up with this.