Making a Dead Guy 101





Introduction: Making a Dead Guy 101

Liza is back! And this time she's making a dead guy, and ooh man does this get gruesome. If you like horror movies, fake gore and home projects, you'll definitely want to stick around for this!

It's been noted that I should introduce this with an "I-am-not-plagiarizing message." So here it goes... I am not plagiarizing. Liza asked me specifically to post this project of hers as an instructable, so I did so. The link above (her name) is to the forum post about the project, and this link is to the forum post of her asking me to post her project. Enjoy the project, guys!

Step 1: Materials

It doesn't take much.
A.C. foam in the shoe's and hand's with a small strip of wood inside.

Step 2: Frame

Make your wood frame first, so it fits your shirt and pants.

Step 3: Filling

Newspaper and foam to make him look real.

Step 4: Coverage

Cut the shirt and pants open from the back, and staple them back together.

Step 5: Mount

I used large Drywall screws so I had to grind off the tip's, Cool pic, had to post

Step 6: Final Mount

Tie his ass up nice and tight.

Step 7: Hair

Use a wig, and twist the hair in your fingers, and cut out chunks at a time, and hot glue them into place, this gives a real look to it.

Step 8: Gore

Make cut's and rips in the shirt and pants, and shoot A.C. foam in the holes.

Step 9: More Gore and Finals!

Useing car bondo A.C. foam and paint makes great gut's.

Before you ask what is A.C. foam. this is what I used.



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    The links no longer work, not that I doubt that you know Liza or that she asked you to post the photos and process. It would be nice to see some more of her projects.

    I did know Liza, and was a member of her STWYK production forum for years, but I can't seem to find it online anymore, sadly. There was a wealth of indy filmmaking DIY projects and ideas and tips on there. I'll link to what little I could find of her on a quick Google search:

    There's a photo of one of her robotic setpieces and a mini dolly on there, but that's it. The link at the bottom is the site I mentioned, and what I link to in the article.

    Nightmarish! Wicked! Fawesome!

    whew, I thought this was an instructable on how to kill someone. But the admins wouldn't allow that... right?

    anyway, great 'structable. but the head could use a little work. I think indymobil made an instructable on fake heads.

    sorry, it's indymogul, not indymobil.

    Yup, I watch Indymogul pretty regularly, and they've got some sweet stuff. Check out the forum for this guy at

    Amazing I'm going to try!