Introduction: Making a Death Trooper Ring - Silver Ring With Green Glow & Black Corian

What's happening guys, Dan Rees here from

In this video I'll show you how I made this awesome little ring that was inspired by the new black Storm Troopers from the Star Wars, Rogue One movie.

This ring is now available to order on Etsy in the link below:

Basically they are black storm troopers with green visors and little green lights in their helmets who are known widely online as Death Troopers.

I made this ring with some interesting materials. I used Corian and a glow in the dark material called Kirinite as well as sterling silver with a patina that I got from using liver of sulphur.

This was a fun project and the final piece is very striking and unique.

Let's make us a Death Trooper!

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Picture of Tools & Materials

Here's a rough list of the tools and materials I used to make the ring. I've probably missed a few things out but this gives you a rough idea. The tool list comprises of basic silver smithing tools for making the silver ring and basic tool you could use for wood turning.

I found the black Corian and Green Glow Kirinite on Ebay and have included links below.

Bench tools:

Wood lathe
Ebay USA:

Ebay UK:

Sanding disk

Drill Press

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Band Saw

Ebay USA:
Ebay UK:

Hand tools:

Jewellers Hand Tool Kit
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Digital Caliper

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Ring Mandrel & ring sizers

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Ebay USA:

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Jewellery saw

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Half round pliers

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Corian “Nocturne”

Corian on Ebay US:

Corian on Ebay UK:

Green glow Kirinite

Kirinite on Ebay UK:

Kirinite Ebay USA:

Sheet Silver

Ebay USA:

Ebay UK:

Liver of Sulphur

Ebay USA:

Ebay UK:

*Please note that I am a member of the Ebay Partner Network so if you click through one of my links and make a purchase on Ebay within 24 hours then I receive a small reward. This does no effect the price you pay in any way and is just a way you can support me to keep making these videos!

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting a Silver Strip

Picture of Measuring and Cutting a Silver Strip

To begin I measured my finger size and double checked the sizer on my mandrel. For this ring I decided a size 10 would be the perfect fit.

I wanted this ring to be nice and chunky at 10mm wide so I took a sheet of 0.8mm silver sheet and marked a line to follow with my saw.

After lubing up the blade with a bit of beeswax my jewellery saw made quick work of cutting the strip of silver.

Step 3: Annealing and Preparing the Silver Ring for Soldering

Picture of Annealing and Preparing the Silver Ring for Soldering

Before the silver could be bent to shape I needed to anneal the strip to soften the metal. I did this with my hand torch and heated the strip equally until I saw a soft glow coming off it.

I allowed the strip of silver to cool down before using a half round nose plyers to bend it into a rough ring shape.

To make the edges fit together nicely I cleaned them up with a file, making sure that when I was finished that no light could shine through the seam.

To clean off the oxidisation from annealing I placed the silver ring blank into a pickling solution for about 20 minutes.

Step 4: Gluing the Corian and Kirinite

Picture of Gluing the Corian and Kirinite

In the meantime I used a 120 grit sand paper to scratch up the surfaces of my Corian and Kirinite, I did this to help them glue together better.

I basically made an acrylic sandwich by super gluing the green glow Kirinite between two pieces of black Corian.

Step 5: Soldering the Silver Ring

Picture of Soldering the Silver Ring

While the glue cured I took my silver out of the pickle and dipped it in bicarb of soda to neutralise the acid and gave it a good rinse in water to ensure it was clean for soldering.

To solder the ring I put a bit of flux and a few pieces of silver solder over the seam of the ring and proceed to heat the silver with my hand torch.

When the ring was heated equally I focused the flame over the seam until the solder flowed into it.

I allowed the silver ring to cool down and the gave it another bath in the pickle before taking a raw hide mallet to hammer the ring to size. I just put it on a metal mandrel and hammered away until it was round and the right size.

Step 6: Drilling the Acrylic

Picture of Drilling the Acrylic

Now that my piece of silver actually resembled a ring I traced the shape of it onto my acrylic sandwich and drilled a hole with the closest fitting drill bit I could find.

As the drill bit was slightly to small I used a rotary tool to sand away the inside of the acrylic ring until I could fit the silver ring inside it.

Step 7: Shaping on the Bench Sander

Picture of Shaping on the Bench Sander

I used the band saw and a disk sander to clean up and shape the outside of the acrylic so that it was also ring shaped.

Step 8: Gluing the Silver Into the Acrylic Ring

Picture of Gluing the Silver Into the Acrylic Ring

The next thing to do was to glue the corian/kirinite ring to the silver ring liner. I should have definitely been wearing gloves for this part but I'm used to getting super glue on my fingers by now.

I scratched up the outside of the silver ring, applied super glue and inserted it into the acrylic ring carefully.

I went back to the disk sander and used a few grits of sand paper to clean up the edges of the ring and make sure the silver and acrylic were flush.

Then I used progressively finer grits of emery paper to clean up the inside of the silver ring and taper the inside edges.

Step 9: Polishing

Picture of Polishing

With the inside and edges looking pretty I mounted the ring on a spindle and sanded it to shape through a few grits of sand paper before polishing with micro mesh to make an even, shiny finish on the ring.

A quick buffing with a bit of burnishing cream was the final touch to bring out the gleam!

Step 10: Adding a Patina With Liver of Sulphur

Picture of Adding a Patina With Liver of Sulphur

I decided the inside of the ring was too bright so I dipped it into a liver of sulphur bath until it had a nice black, oily patina.

I gave it a good rinse and a buffing with renaissance wax for good measure the Death Trooper ring was complete!

Step 11: Thank You for Watching/Reading!

Picture of Thank You for Watching/Reading!

All in all I'm happy with the Death Trooper ring, it is a unique piece of jewellery and that glow material gets super bright when it's charged up!

Due to popular demand, this ring is now available to order!

Death Trooper Glow Ring

Thank you for watching, if you like the video subscribe and watch more of my tutorials! You can also support my channel by visiting www.zebranowoodcraft.comand checking out my shop.

You can find Corian and Kirinite and tools on Ebay in the links below. I am a member of the Ebay partner network so by clicking through one of my links and making a purchase I get a small financial reward. This does not effect the price you pay at all and is just another way you can support me so I can keep making these tutorials!

Corian “Nocturne”
Corian on Ebay US:

Corian on Ebay UK:

Green glow Kirinite

Kirinite on Ebay UK:

Kirinite Ebay USA:

Bench bandsaw
Ebay USA:

Ebay UK:

Wood lathe

Ebay USA:

Ebay UK:

Carbide chisels

Ebay USA:

Ebay UK:

Bench drill press

Ebay USA:

Ebay UK:

Until next time, live long and prosper … I mean may the force be with you.


Endersteve1027 (author)2017-02-16

I have not looked at the eBay sites, but something tells me that this is not cheap.


terrefirma (author)2017-01-03

Do you really need to buy corian? Where I live so much is thrown out during remodeling that you could go years without running out of material.

lover-69 (author)2016-12-26

Looks very good! But wich of the glowing Kirinite is the right one"""

gunnerjake81 (author)2016-12-25

Not a Star Wars fan but that ring looks awesome. Great work

CalebGreer (author)2016-12-24

Not a chance I'm making it but it looks slick! Nice job!

MCGUY (author)2016-12-23

I couldn't see the video but i made it

tipigeon (author)2016-12-23

Love the clean look to it!

DonCesare (author)2016-12-22

I have no words to say how I enjoyed reading this ible. I learned a lot! I thank you! Added your ible to my favs and also voted!

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