Making a Duplicate Key at Home





Introduction: Making a Duplicate Key at Home

Here i would show you how to make a duplicate key at home without any worry!!!

PLEASE LIKE this instructable!!!!!

Step 1: Materials You Will Need!!

1. AA Cell

2. Scissors

3. Candle or diya

4. Original Key

5. Any Lock

Step 2: If You Are Using Electrocnic Lock

Follow the simple circuit and add a simple Electronic Key in between if you are trying to make the duplicate key of the key of the electronic lock!

Step 3: Remove Cell Outer Layer!!

Remove the outer layer of cell with a knife!!!

Step 4: Heat the Keys

Heat the keys until the black layer forms on the key!!!

Step 5: Take Print

Put the black Layered side on the cello tape after the key cools down little. Then put the cello tape on the cell's outer layer to take its print!!!

Step 6: Cut It

Cut the layer with the print perfectly!!!!

Step 7: Unlocking

In Unlocking place the duplicate Key inside and then use tools like knife insert it along and turn!!!

Lock will Unlock!!!

Congratulations you have made a duplicate key!!!




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