Picture of Making a Fold Away Grocery Bag
The global market place is quickly changing for the greener!  Every year, more people are choosing environmentally friendly options in their day to day living, and one of the fastest growing green markets is for reusable grocery bags.  Although there are many available on the market, I thought it would be fun to show you how you can design and make your own custom fold away reusable grocery bag.

I made this at Techshop!
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Step 1:

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You will need:

1.5 yards of rip nylon fabric for the bag
.5 yeards of rip nylon fabric for the pouch
fabric scissors
sewing machine
a pen, pencil, marker, or tailor's chalk

a zipper, snap, or some other kind of fastener 

Step 2:

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First, plan out what size you want your bag.  Mine is 20" wide, 16" tall, and has 12" long handles
When I drawing your pattern out on your fabric, keep the fabric folded in half with the bottom of your bag on the fabric fold line.  By patterning it this way, you will end up with a much stronger bag since there is no seam along the bottom where all the weight typically is.  Also, you will save yourself some time sewing later on.

I made mine slightly larger than a typical grocery bag  with much longer handles (12" long and 3" wide) so I can put it over my shoulder when necessary.

Once you have your pattern drawn, cut it out, making sure to cut both layers at the same time.

Step 3:

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Next, we will want to trace out the handles to make a reinforcement layer so our handles are strong and secure.

Keeping your first pattern folded in half, place the top of the handles on your fabric (which should still be folded in half) lining the tops of the handles up with the folded side of the fabric.  Trace the shape of the handles onto the fabric, going down about 5" below where the handles end.  Once you have this drawn out, cut it out.
I love this design - very smart!