Step 9: Prime and paint the tower

I used spray paint but you can use whatever you want on this part.

I had a spare can of Rustoleum textured paint I wanted to try out. It needed a black undercoat, so first I had to prime the tower black.

When painting the tower, be sure to get the entrance and exit holes. You'll have to tilt the tower a bit and aim the spray paint inside to make sure it's covered all the way down that is visible.

Once it was primed and dried, I broke out the textured paint. This came out of the can in a tighter cone than the primer so I had to pay attention to get even coverage. It took a couple of passes but in the end there was even coverage all around, even inside the tower top and bottom.

Once the final paint job is done, I took a knife and pulled up the masking tape on the felt.

At this point, it's done! Time to roll those dice and see what you get.

There are a lot of ways you can paint or modify foamboard to make it look like something besides foamboard. Do a search for "foamboard building terrain" or "foamcore building terrain" and look at some of the options.

I hope you find this instructable useful and thanks for getting to the end of it.

Keep those dice rollin'!

Fab4fan1 year ago

Really like your idea for Dice tower, Unable to download specs so I can build it. Can you email me the information. Would deeply appreciated it. Thanks for your time and have a wonderful night.



Once again thx!

I have an idea to make this look a little nicer. cut out all of the foam board pieces, paint then black, assemble them in to the tower, then add the felt. That way you have no white spots in the foam, and the felt stays clean.
I was thinking the very same thing Casey. Also I've never worked worked with foam board before so I don't know how durable it is. But if you want to make one that would really last you could use the foam board pieces as stencils to make it out of wood and put it together with wood glue and nails/screws.
...or you could use the stencils from the beginning of the project as stencils?
afrocat5 years ago
Thank you so much! I've just made this dice tower and it's sturdy, functional, and has a great aesthetic appeal!