Step 2: Requirements

You'll need

1) A computer with Internet connection. (since you are reading this, that won't be a problem)
2) Pics, videos and other text info that you might want to place in your site. (think about it, it is your problem)
3) A valid E-Mail address. (gmail will do)
4) Lots of time. (Although we won't be doing any coding, but it will take some time)

There are some change made to this post after it's publish, so please go and read the last page before you register your domain.
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Your site doesnt work.... having second thoughts about now
The hosting and domain name are free, so they have a policy that if your site doesn't have a certain amount of visitors (the exact numbers I cannot remember) or if you don't log into your account frequently your account is suspended.<br><br>I was offline for a long time and since I didn't had any visitors to that site, I deleted the account.<br><br>Sorry if you didn't saw the site. The site works and just try the method and if it didn't work then I'm here and will do everything to help you.
Not free... marking as spam.
Sorry but can U explain why it is not free, because I'm using it and it appears to be free.
When I went to register the domain, it wanted $3 for the year, and there wasn't any option for a &quot;free&quot; domain. (Granted $3 a year isn't terrible, but still.)
Thank you for bringing this to my notice, I really forgot about that<br>Actually if U choose a domain that contains a common name, phrase etc, or if the name U want is registered in .com, .org etc, then it'll cost U. There are 2 options to get domain 4 free.<br>1st<br>Try a domain name that is uncommon, e.g- yourname+lastname.co.cc or the initials of your company or business.<br><br>2nd (I never recommend)<br>If U want a domain costing $, try changing it's spelling, e.g- replacing o with 0 or i with 1<br><br>See the pics david.co.cc costs $23, davidmorgan.co.cc costs $3, but morgandavid.co.cc costs $0.<br><br>It is a trial and error method, try 2 find a suitable domain that is free. Sorry, but that's how it is.<br>I have 2 websites running www.tanmaydas.co.cc &amp; www.myinstructablesite.co.cc all free, Y would I lie.<br><br>Hope this solves your problem.
I understand. I'm not saying that you're lying, (especially now that I understand why it's asking for money), but you should add that into your ible now so that someone else doesn't make the same mistake. I read your ible through a couple times just to make sure I wasn't missing anything, but some people will not read that closely, and will probably miss this conversation.
Thanks for pointing that out again, actually I don't write manual for others and most of what I do, I place it in my mind.<br>But I've added the that part in this ible.

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