Step 8: Uploading files on server

You can also upload your files, videos, images and docs. Link them on your site e.g.- www.myinstructablesite.co.cc/folder/file1.jpg/
So to upload files

Step1: Click on the File Manager icon in your Control Panel.
Step2: On the next page enter your hosting account password.
Step3: Click on public_html folder.
Step4: To create a folder, click on New dir link.
Step5: Enter the name of the folder and click on the green submit button (the green tic mark).
Step6: Click on the back arrow to go back.
Step7: Click on the folder you just created.
Step8: Click on the Upload tab.
Step9: Click on Choose File button, select the file to upload. To add another file, click on the next Choose File button.
Step10: Once selected, again click on the green tic mark submit button. Once done click on the back arrow button.