Add a little color and variety to your kitchen with a fridge magnet flower vase. Easy to make and the look changes as you put in fresh flowers.

When the Fridge Magnet Challenge was announced, I had submitted a nice little fridge magnet instructable a week earlier. Now I had to come up with something new and improved and on short notice.

Wracking my mind, I suddenly remembered the magnetic flower vase trick from over at Curbly. Why did I think of that? Perhaps it was the extra pot of coffee at 1am. Maybe the curry from earlier. For whatever reason, that's what I thought of and thus, taking that as a hint this instructable is where it all ended up.

Step 1: Assemble the Pile of Parts

This instructable requires:


Utility knife
Small files or sandpaper
serious glue - either strong super glue or two part epoxy
Clear silicone sealant


The magnet. I am using a 1/2" diameter, 1/8" thick neodymium magnet. They are had to find locally, and thus we do that thing called online shopping. There are a good number of online stores that sell these magnets, but I like Ebay because it gives you multiple prices and options to compare before buying. I did a little digging on Ebay and as of this posting date, these are a couple of the Ebay stores with better deals for the magnets. Wherever you go to get the magnets, be sure to get the type that want to stack top to bottom, not the type that wants to go edge to edge.

A thin shiny metal tube. I went to the hardware store and found a 12" x 3/8" OD toilet supply tube of polished chrome. Anything around 3/8" in diameter should work - check your local hardware store plumbing isle. Larger sizes are possible, but they would require more powerful magnets.

A plastic cable clamp of the size of the tube. In this case, 3/8"

a small scrap of sandpaper


Spray Paint
A bit of cork
white school glue

Nice Idea, would make a good Mother's Day Present :D Stinks that its over already.
Very nice. It could make a good gift for a lady friend too!

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