Making a Heart ($) Shaped Money Clip in Blender

Picture of Making a Heart ($) Shaped Money Clip in Blender
Hello Everyone, you know me from my animatronic creations such as johnny 5, robot tanks, and Wall-E.
Today, I'm going to show you how to make a heart-shaped money clip in blender.

Here is a link to download the blend file

Here is what the final product looks like ---- there are more pictures on the last step

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Step 1: The Dollar Sign/ Heart Shape

Picture of The Dollar Sign/ Heart Shape
At first, start by create a text of a dollar sign and then convert it into mesh: shift+a, select text, click tab button, and type in the dollar sign

To make it geometrically proportional, I changed the text to times new roman
2. in the editing mode of the dollar sign text, go to the edit menu on the right and in the font options browse for the text file on your computer (times.std) 

I order to manipulate the shape of the sign, you have to turn it into a mesh
3. click alt+c and select the second option of mesh from curve/meta/surf/text

To create a heart shape, extrude this thin mesh in edit mode (press e) and get in the object mode (press tab) --- after that duplicate the mesh (shift + d) and rotate the new mesh (r + cursor). Join both shapes at the center of the x and y axis to overlap similar areas (so it won't fall apart when you print it on a 3d printer). 

Step 2: The Backbone

Picture of The Backbone
To create the base of the money clip, cut a cylinder in half and rotate+extrude it. 

Move this mesh at the edge of the dollar signs and transform the edges as much as what is necessary

Extrude the edge of the cylinder by selecting and dragging the end vertices up to the edge of the dollar signs (the front)

poofrabbit1 year ago
Love the $ signs used as hearts, nice work!
rptech (author)  poofrabbit1 year ago
if interested, please vote for me (my last 3 instructables) in the remote control, money clip, autodesk 123d, I could make that, and build my lab contest
I will indeed do that for you. Good luck!