Step 5: Making the Clasp

You may be pleased to know you've already made half of the clasp. The loop from the beginning is the hardest part of it, too.

Making the other end :
Not particularly difficult, but different. Make a regular knot (no idea what normal knots are called!) with your two middle stands, which will cause the square knots to stay in place. (Pic 2) Before, you could move them up and down to adjust the density of the knots.

Now place a bead on the two middle strands. Take the string out of the end of the bead, then loop it back around and put it through the bead again (Pic 3)

Tie another normal knot close to the ends of the middle strands. Around 1 cm away from the end is a good distance.
Then, push the bead as far towards the end as you can. This might take a little force and it should stop when it gets over the knot. Don't go crazy and tear your hemp in half pretending you're The Incredible Hulk.
Wow. This has helped me SO much. At first I was a little confused, as your fourth picture looked a little confusing, but after I played with it a little I understood. Thank you!
i loved the article! and annoying little wood chips are the best! =P
DId you die the hemp yourself?
The "regular knot" in this case is an overhand knot.  Just in case anybody needs the name to figure it out.
<p>Use crimp folders to give it a more fashionable look. Also great if want to secure the bracelet or necklace. I prefer this option because I can cut all the loose threads. <br /> <br /> Love the tutorial and thanks for sharing it, macrame is fab, keep up the good work.</p>
You can also use two different colors...Start with one color on the out side, then swap colors when you put on the bead. If you want to use smaller beads, you can use two on the outside strings (one on each) instead of one bead in the middle.
After the clasp is made, the bracelet is done and you can cut or burn off all excess. When there's only a little bit left I just glue it around so that it's more durable.
do i cut the excess off the lead and partner in this step?
good stuff (: i like to make this in class when im bored!
3 cheers for macrame!
I like your bracelets they are nice
Heh, burn some of the hemp. Just slowly burn or cut away the frayed and loose pieces and it'll look a lot better.
I've run into a lot of people who like the look of a more unfinished and rough bracelet, but you're absolutely right. There are dozens of ways to get rid of those loose strands.
Not bad, the picture at the beginning is a bit shabby though, overall a 7/10.
Any suggestions other than to improve picture quality?

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