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Introduction: Making a Hoverboard From Junk

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Glad to say that's the 42nd structure by make it extreme! For this structure we were inspired from many videos uploaded on youtube where people use hover boards for entertainment.

Step 1: Materials

Our aim was to make a hoverboard using the parts of an old gym piece of equipment as well as other recycled and reused materials. We took a 300w motor and the electronic parts out of the gym piece of equipment so the motor would be able to perform correctly! The next stage was to make an axle, using the lathe, where we put two old tires from a crashed four wheeler. Then we placed the electronic parts the motor and the wheels on a metal frame and the hoverboard started getting shape. We used a belt to connect the wheels to the motor and that's how we achieved movement using electricity. Here came the issue!! We had to use a 12v battery to a 240v structure! This issue was solved using an inverter, which was the only piece we had to buy, once we didn't own one. Then we placed a metal sheet on the board in order to be able to stand on.

Step 2: Dimensions

We initially believed that it would be easy to keep our balance without the use of a gyroscope sensor but when tried, that was extremely difficult. So we 've placed a small wheel behind the wheels in the center and the balance was achieved!!Using the hoverboard, we noted another serious disadvantage which was the missing of breaks!

It's dimensions are 110cm x 32cm.

It is undoubtedly one of the most extreme hoverboards ever made!!

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    Honestly, I don't understand why a motor is needed. Why not just have one large wheel and two small ones so that you can move?


    It totally is a hover board. Think Marty McFly back to the future ii hover board. Just with wheels instead of actually hovering.

    Just because it's not the same as the "name brand that explodes in flames" hover board doesn't mean it's not in the spirit of a hover board.

    Sure the author could have named it a self propelled moving, brakeless, balence board. Or a battery powered land surf board. Or even just a sweet riding around board. Point is they may call it whatever they feel fits their machine.

    He could rewrite the entire ible into a matrix parody and use terms from the film switched in for all the parts and call it the nebacnezzer mark iii lol. But I digress and may use that for my next ible.

    We are hovering all the time you dont notice it but we hover all the time. its just our presure that we an touch and fee thiongs but we are always hovering.

    I am amazed at this project. Great job with your Hoverboard.

    I don't know why some people come here, except to correct people's english and try to prove how inteligent they are. Just come and read and enjoy the show.

    `Just because it's not the same as the "name brand that explodes in flames" hover board doesn't mean it's not in the spirit of a hover board.`

    And even those aren't hoverboards. They don't hover. A true hoverboard would have no contact with the ground.

    this is a real hoverboard and there are a few others close. Lexus has a solid looking prototype. But seriously this is still cool.

    I love riding my motorcycle. If I lean forward so i cannot see any of the bike it feels like flying. I know it's not but why split hairs to be overly picky.

    It's as close as you can get to hovering with a pile of junk.

    What was that? That sure wasn't an I've seen aren't they supposed to tell you how to do or build something? That just made me scratch my head and wonder what the hell I just watched. Sorry about the hell thing. But what do you call this????????

    Awesome! Do you have an idea for what to use as a break?

    4 replies

    as a joke meabe the face or the chest depends how fast you want to stop

    Now that I think of it, if this is an AC motor, you can give it DC to slow it down, right?

    Joshua- If you wanted to build one, all the info is there. Exact dimensions depend on the materials you scrounge, but he shows very clearly how to calculate them. Only question I have is how to steer, but then I can't ride a skateboard.

    This isn't much of an ible at all... It's more of a "dude, check out a couple pics of what I made". I understand what the goal was but I couldn't build the same thing if wanted to due to lack of pics, materials and schematics. Oh, not trying to be a troll, you spelled brakes wrong.

    I hate to break it to you, but this is not a hover board. It would have to hover; which this does not. This is an interesting design, however.