This is a continuation of "Acrylic Key Chains" .  The acrylic key chains have been a hit but I have more people asking for them to be personalized so that they can be a one of a kind gift or memento. 

Hobby wood.  small amount
Wood glue. small amount
Laser Cutter.

TechShop's Laser Cutting and Etching SBU is required. 

This was made at TechShop.  Check out techshop.com!! 

Step 1: Cut Out Jig

Use the same template for cutting out the key chain shapes as you used for the actual key chains.  

Unless you want to etch a significant amount at a time I would suggest just making a small jig. 

Cut out a piece with the holes in it and glue it to a solid piece.  This will hold the key chain firmly so its doesn't shift and it will protect the other side.

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