Picture of Creating our Kite: Traditional Kite
This is a guide on how to make a kite by Anesu, Emalisa, Yanick, Kelvin
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
" String
" Scotch tape
" One sheet of strong paper
" 2 strong straight wooden sticks
" Scissors
" Knife

Step 2: Cross sticks

Picture of Cross sticks
Make a cross with the 2 sticks, with the shorter stick placed horizontally across the longer stick, about a third from the top. Make sure that both sides of the cross piece are equal width.

Step 3: Tie sticks together

Tie the 2 sticks together with the string (reinforce with scotch tape) in such a way as to make sure that they are perpendicular to each other.

Step 4: Making notches

Cut a notch at both ends of each stick (4 notches in total). Make it deep enough for them deep enough for the string to fit in properly.

Step 5: Wrapping of string

Now wrap a single layer of string all the way around the kite. It should go right into the notches. Start and end at the bottom of the kite. After you have wrapped it and tied it add pieces of tape over the notches so the string doesn't pop out with the force of the wind. Pull the string reasonably tight before tying it. The cross bar should be a little bowed.

Step 6: Frame

Picture of Frame
Put your frame on the strong paper and cut out the outline of the string with a little extra width. Now fold the extra width over the string and tape it down. Make sure the paper is reasonably flat

Step 7: Adding of the tail

Picture of adding of the tail
Tie a long piece of string (about 6ft) to the bottom end of your kite. Put pieces of cloth, about a foot apart, on the 6ft piece of string for added stability.
phawley21 year ago

does it work/fly

doo da do3 years ago
Usually where the two dowels cross, most that I have seen. Box kites not encluded.
sufairlie6 years ago
After the kite is finished, where do you attach the string to fly it?