Making a Laser Cut Zen Lantern





Introduction: Making a Laser Cut Zen Lantern

Here is a workflow that you can use to make 3D objects on a laser cutter. 

Works with any shape. 

Great for beginners who just got a laser cutter... ;) 

Here I teach you how to make a lamp using the workflow..

Step 1: Using Illustrator and Photoshop to Create the Project

Step 2: Adding a Led Into the Lantern With a Switch

Step 3: The End

I hope you enjoyed my video tutorial.

Not a real big fan of this new instructable formatting.   I believe in KISS...   Uploading images for no reason when there is videos feels like I am going against my beliefs but I still wanted to share..



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Great project along with very comprehensive and easy-to-follow videos. In trying to duplicate your efforts, I wondered and then realized why you used Photoshop for the original drawing. If you draw the lines in Illustrator, you have to overlap the frame so that the endpoints of the lines don't show. By doing that, you create cuts that will negatively impact the look of the frame. I figured out an alternative way to do this all in Illustrator: create an outer rectangle (filled black, ~30 pt black stroke) and an inner rectangle (filled white, no stroke) within it to create the frame; draw the criss-crossing lines (~30 pt black stroke) overlapping with the frame (across the inner rectangle but not beyond the outer one); select all; Object-->Expand...-->OK; Pathfinder-->Merge; then set the stroke for everything to 0.1 or whatever your laser cutter requires for vector cuts. At least that worked for me in Adobe Illustrator CS6. Hope it's helpful!

The lettuce grower is a hydroponics tower I would do a instructable but I want to give credit to the person I got the info from.

The tower sits in our kitchen and sounds like a running waterfall. Probably one of the best things I ever added to the house.

love the lamp, also love the panter for lettuce on the last picture hope it is lettuce

do u mind to share that picture or how to

This is really pretty, maybe I'll try my hand at designing one! Also, there is an option to just upload a video Instructable if you feel that makes more sense to showcase your project. I'm glad you included pictures in this case, since I think it really shows the lantern off well! :)