Learn how to make a leather rose.  You can use the rose as an accessory or put a stem on it and put it into a vase.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

- leather (vegetable tanned, as close to 1mm thickness as possible)
- the pattern
- pen
- sharpie (fine tip)
- tracing mylar plastic (or some other plastic you can transfer the pattern onto the leather)
- tape
- spray bottle
- leather skiver (optional, but recommended, to get leather to 1mm thick)
- awl
- utility knife
- leather shears (optional)
- leather dye (Fiebing's red, green)
- wool dauber (dye applicator)
- plastic gloves
- floral wire
- hot glue
- floral tape
<p>I'm thinking about making this for my wife for our anniversary. Can anyone give me an idea of how much the supplies cost (if not I'll just look them up individually)</p>
<p>I made a dozen of these for my wife for our 3 year anniversary. Turned out very nice. I did find an xacto knife worked better than a utility knife for cutting out the leather.</p>
<p>there's one of the one's i made.. thank's again for sharing..</p>
<p>there's one of the one's i made.. thank's again for sharing..</p>
<p>i made a few of them, i didn't actually draw out the pattern,all freehand,for the unique look for each, it's a great idea especially if you have scrap's.thank's for sharing.</p>
I'm interested in purchasing one dozen of these for my anniversary. Is that possible?
cool! <br>
they will look nice on leather jewellry

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