After making my first instructable, Turn Your 12V DC or 85-265V AC Fluorescent Light To LED, I dressed up the cheap/generic fluorescent fixture with a bamboo light box using L-brackets.  My RV has 4 of these fixtures and I only had enough scrap bamboo to do the one box.  Not wanting to spend $180 on another sheet of bamboo plywood, I decided to find an alternative.  I also wanted to try out my new toy, a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Kreg jig
Screwdriver (I use a $15 corded drill from Harbor Freight)
Step Drill Bits
1/16" & 5/32" Drill Bits

Wood (I used 1x2 pine from Home Depot)
12 Self-tapping screws (I use the Kreg screws)
1 Acrylic sheet (I always go to Ace Hardware, where they cut it to the exact size you need and charge by the square inch)
4 Wood Screws
4 Nylon Spacers
4 Screw Covers
4 Screw Cover Bases
1 Switch (I used RadioShack #275-648)
Frosted Glass Spray (I've included photos of the two products I've used; either works)

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