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I love working on craft projects, but rarely have the excuse to spend time on them during the school year. This semester, I proposed a DIY Secret Santa and the enthusiastic response was better than I’d hoped! Try it out; hopefully you’ll be surprised at the diversity of “makers” in your group!

I was feeling the urge to make jewelry so I made my gift recipient (She is also an instructabler) a locket---but only after sneaking around to find out her favorite colors and people!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

For this project you’ll need:
• Locket (got a bunch of these from the supplies section of Etsy for a few dollars)
• Sandpaper (both rough and fine grit)
• Painter’s tape
• Chain/clasp
• Decorative beads (I used sequins!), wire, jump-rings, etc. (optional)
• Tiny photo (I got mine from Costco)
• Decorative paper (optional)
• Tracing paper (optional)
• Glue (Tacky glue works best and Q-tips are good for application)
sunshiine1 year ago

Thanks for the inspiration! The locket turned out so nice. Congrats on your win! Have a super day.


I'm with adrenalynn on that I'm afraid, you're not making a LOCKET, you are making a nice setting to HANG a locket, and filling it.

It is a REALLY nice job though. The recipient is very lucky.
kendeliza (author)  Dream Dragon2 years ago
Thank you for the feedback. Titling was something I was struggling with for this instructable (it's my first) and I wasn't sure how to specify what exactly I'm making---people sell polished lockets on a chain for $30 on Etsy beside five of these tarnished lockets for a few dollars. My goal was to show that you could make a wearable necklace out of a couple cheap unwearable pieces. Hence the "parts" inclusion. Sorry if that was misleading!
adrenalynn2 years ago
It's really nice, and a sweet gift!

That said: I was disappointed in the instructable. Reading the title, seeing it featured on the front page, I mistakenly thought: "Awesome! She's going to teach us how to make that cute locket from parts!" - instead I got a couple beads and a jumpring on a chain.

No offense, and totally my mistake, I just felt like I was oversold.

It is cute though!
Thank you!! I wear it every day.
Very cute! I really like the style locket too! It doesn't even look like a locket at first, it's like a locket in disguise!