Partially out of necessity (we make a little extra money from projects) and largely out of desire, our family has come to really revolve around making things.

Pepper and I met through an online dating service - and I remember wishing that there was a "crafty" criteria.  In preparation for our wedding we began making as a family and we have not stopped since. 

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Step 1: Introductions

I'm Ryan "Zieak" McFarland and have been pretty crafty since I was a teen.  I used to spend a lot of time doing Native American crafts like beading, leatherwork, basketry and other frontier skills.  Now I do some woodworking, soldering, home repairs and improvements... but I really love making things out of someone's trash.  Check out the featured author article about me here on Instructables.

My wife of two years is Pepper.  When she moved to the town I lived in she couldn't find work in her field so she started selling some of the things we make both locally and online.  We also made custom glasses from wine bottles for many friends for our wedding.  She is adept at picking up projects that I have abandoned or being willing to repeat projects to sell for money.

Our son likes to get in on the making too.  He likes working on his tree fort, selling things at the local market that we helped get started in our town, and is developing an interest in wood working.  This summer he made marshmallow guns to give to friends and sell at the market.
well im a single parent but if i had the chance to be in a loving relationship with someone creative too, that would be wonderful..i often get disheartened my children dont seem to have the drive either as we are quite isolated but its lovely to see you all so happy and productive :)
I am a single parent, and I am making a lot of things myself too
I love this family working together
<p>I am in love with this. It is so good to see a family crafting together! </p>
Nice work! That workshop made me drool. Lots of great looking projects you've got going on. I hope my kids catch the maker bug like yours has!
No TV service sounds great. <br>I've repaired our TV twice, mostly because my family likes to watch TV. But since a couple of years, I for myself have more or less lost interest in watching TV because they usually only air stuff I've already seen or already know off. <br>And actually I agree, there's so much more time for making. Even if it's just putting together an instructable about coloring easter eggs and share it with like minded people from the community :-)
Thanks for sharing a wonderful Instructable. Sounds like team Zieak has a lot of fun together...keep it up!
Awww, I'm so inspired.
ZIEAK! I remember your Ty-Ohni days, and was always impressed with your regalia work. Congrats on a great &quot;Instructable&quot;! We're raising our son to be a maker, as well. He's only seven, but already I can see the gears turning. Great to read about you and your family! Keep making! <br> <br>Matt Arlauckas
Thank you Matt! The web is a small world isn't it? I hope you have been well.
I see I'm not the only one who thought this way about the contest! I entered &quot;How to Raise a Crafter!&quot;. Good Luck!

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Bio: I like making things out of items that would have otherwise been discarded. Check out my other projects!
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