Making a Minecraft Golden Apple Block





Introduction: Making a Minecraft Golden Apple Block

In Minecraft, the Golden Apple is a rare object which can restore all health. With that as an analogy, a Golden Apple quilt block can be used to create a pillow covering (shown here) or a quilt for someone who is ailing.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need:
  • an enlarged printout of the Golden Apple (.pdf included below)
  • fabric for the apple (If you don't have it in scrap, buy the minimum cut you can—often a quarter yard. You can also use precut fat quarters.)
  • fabric for the pillow case (1-1/2 yards for this 20"X20 covering)
  • scissors
  • a sewing machine

Step 2: Diagramming the Block

This is how I diagrammed the block. You may find a way that makes more sense to you but basically, you will need to break it down into rows.

In this diagram, I have 6 rows. Each unit is 1/2" square. To add seam allowances of 1/4" on each side, 1/2" is added to the total measurement. Thus, a 4-unit piece would measure 1" square on the block but be cut at 1-1/2" square to include seam allowances.

One thing to note: the white "reflection" in the center of the apple is not necessarily the same as the background color, also white on paper, which surrounds the apple. In my case, I found a mottled green that looked a little like the Minecraft grass. Thus, all the pieces surrounding the apple would be cut in green.

Step 3: Sew Row by Row

Here is an example of how Row 4 was cut and pieced. First, the pieces are cut out and laid according to the block diagram. Any pieces that are in 2 parts (such as the white top and golden bottom piece 3rd from left) will be sewn together, and then the strip is pieced.

Step 4: Complete the Apple

When you have completed all 6 rows, sew them together to piece the apple. The block should measure 6-1/2" X 8".

Step 5: Add Borders

If you are making a block to include in a quilt, you can simply add 1" X 8" borders of background fabric to each side and a single 1" X 8-1/2" border to the top, and you will have an 8-1/2" block.

If you are making a 20" X 20X pillow covering, add 7-1/2" X 8" borders to the side, then 20-1/2" X 6-1/2" borders to the top and bottom to create a 20-1/2" square. You can also make it a little bigger and allow for 1/2" seam allowances from here on, as I did.

Step 6: Quilt the Outline

Cut a piece of white muslin to the size of your finished top (in this case, 20-1/2" square). Pin wrong sides together and machine quilt around the outline of the apple. I quilted both sides of the black outline; you could quilt within the apple for extra stability.

Step 7: Complete the Pillow Covering

Cut and hem a piece of your background fabric approximately 20-1/2" X 6" (hemmed measurement) and lay it on top of the pillow top with the hem down, right sides together.

Cut and hem another piece of background fabric approximately 20-12" X 16" (hemmed measurement) and lay it on top of that, right side down.

Now simply pin and sew all the way around. When you turn it right side out, you will have a pillow covering with an envelope opening.



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    Hi it's me again. Anywayz do you think it would be ok if I used appliqué instead?
    Using double sided fusible. A sort of dry glue?

    1 reply

    I've never used it, but I don't see why that wouldn't work. Let me know if you try it--would certainly be a great option for someone without a sewing machine.

    This was a lockstitch on a standard sewing machine. You could also use a chain stitch, but would have to be careful with the seam allowances, as a chainstitch is wider. For accuracy, I would recommend a lockstitch.

    I would love to see your pickaxe when it's finished. :)

    I am planning to make one with an iron pickaxe design

    Thanks! So far, this is the only pillow, but I think the process should be easy to translate. :)

    Yeah, it's a pretty awesome but I'm just starting out with arduino so it might be one of my projects pretty soon.

    Do I have to go into a dungeon to get an apple? Will eating this restore my health to full? ;)

    Great job!

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    I hope you can just put your head on it and get the same effect. I can't imagine what eating it will do. :D

    amazing i was just coming on to look for minecraft stuff and i see this on the front page ^.^ i think this is my lucky day!

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