In Minecraft, the Golden Apple is a rare object which can restore all health. With that as an analogy, a Golden Apple quilt block can be used to create a pillow covering (shown here) or a quilt for someone who is ailing.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need:
  • an enlarged printout of the Golden Apple (.pdf included below)
  • fabric for the apple (If you don't have it in scrap, buy the minimum cut you can—often a quarter yard. You can also use precut fat quarters.)
  • fabric for the pillow case (1-1/2 yards for this 20"X20 covering)
  • scissors
  • a sewing machine
Hi it's me again. Anywayz do you think it would be ok if I used appliqu&eacute; instead? <br>Using double sided fusible. A sort of dry glue?
I've never used it, but I don't see why that wouldn't work. Let me know if you try it--would certainly be a great option for someone without a sewing machine.
This is BOMBTASTIC. YOU are Mr. Fantastic!!!!!!!!<br>
Did you use a lock stitch or a chain stitch?<br>lock=bobbin 2 thread
This was a lockstitch on a standard sewing machine. You could also use a chain stitch, but would have to be careful with the seam allowances, as a chainstitch is wider. For accuracy, I would recommend a lockstitch.<br><br>I would love to see your pickaxe when it's finished. :)
I am planning to make one with an iron pickaxe design
can u just use a needle and invisible thread??
Absolutely. Sew with whatever you have at hand. :)
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. I'm making one today. Do you have any other pillows you made?
Thanks! So far, this is the only pillow, but I think the process should be easy to translate. :)
Absolutely; you got any ideas.
That's great to hear. Have you seen this one?<br><br><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Motion-activated-Attack-Creeper/">Motion-Activated Attack Creeper</a>
Yeah, it's a pretty awesome but I'm just starting out with arduino so it might be one of my projects pretty soon.
Do I have to go into a dungeon to get an apple? Will eating this restore my health to full? ;)<br><br>Great job!
I hope you can just put your head on it and get the same effect. I can't imagine what eating it will do. :D
amazing i was just coming on to look for minecraft stuff and i see this on the front page ^.^ i think this is my lucky day!<br>
That's great to hear. Have you seen this one?<br> <br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Motion-activated-Attack-Creeper/">Motion-Activated Attack Creeper</a>
Really fantastic !
Awesome! I still haven't found any apples on my file x_x looks great!
This is very good, ive been thinking of making something similar.

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