Making a Mold of a Human Face - Lifecasting





Introduction: Making a Mold of a Human Face - Lifecasting

Using silicone rubber to make a mold of a face or other body part.



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    Why's everyone whining about this being an ad? So what if they happen to be one of the few places that sells the products required for the project? At the end of the day, it's still a good instructional video that people can learn from. Stop acting like a bunch of little crybabies and go do something productive.

    Very neat. Nothing DIY about it though. Infomercial clip linking to DIY, maybe.

    Wow, this is so cool! Of course, one would want to ensure the subject was able to stand still for about an hour, but what great memorabilia this would be for the home, especially as quickly as children grow. Neat!

    Not sure i see what the big deal is. Buy the products and then DO IT YOURSELF! i still feel like this falls under the parameters of an instructable. Other people mention brand names in their instructables all the time. Besides the on skin silicone, which i believe is fairly unique to this company, you can go ahead and fill it in with whatever you like, MADE by whoever you like!

    I'm confused. I was under the impression that this was a DIY site, not an ad site. I thought this was for people to share ideas, not hawk their products. Does anyone here have an instructable instead of a "As seen on tv" commercial?

    Most companies pay to put their adverts on this site.

    kiteman listen your right but the shere project is cool right i mean you could have 2 of you

    I agree... This should be implanted into the rules that advertising inside a video (even if it does show how to do something) like this isn't allowed and should be taken down. I don't mind a link or two that's shown once in the entire video, but to more or less do a TV commercial isn't right and is unfair to those who pay to advertise on this site.

    Hi FrenchCrawler, We're reworking our content to focus more on the information we are trying to provide; that being the proper usage of materials for moldmaking and casting. I appreciate your comment and it is being taken under advisement to hopefully help enhance the moldmaking and casting segments of Instructables.

    As zachninme and Kiteman said, thanks for listening to advice given to you and, unlike other companies, you're doing something to make your Instructables more "proper". :)