Introduction: Making a Multi Head USB Cable.

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Ever since I used the goal zero flip 30 that I won here on instructables, I fell in love with portable pocket power. The flip 30 is great but has a short charging cable and it's charging port is a built in male USB Type A. This makes it really cumbersome to recharge without an extension male female cable.

I also wanted to charge multiple 5volt devices so here is how I made a multi head USB cable!

Step 1: The New Heads.

Picture of The New Heads.

One micro usb and 2 female type A. Only the micro usb I will wire all 4 wires for data transfer and quick charge capability. The type A females will be only for power.

Step 2: Preparing the Wires.

Picture of Preparing the Wires.

I cut the type B head off from the long usb cable and separated all the usb wires.

Step 3: Connecting It All Together.

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Color connection of the wires followed by soldering, I put liquid electrical tape to insulated everything.

Step 4: Physical Protection.

Picture of Physical Protection.

Using my heat gun I applied 2 layers of heat shrink tubing to the wiring. I put a dab of black silicone adhesive into the open hole of the shrunk tubes. Now the heads are properly secured.

Step 5: Completion!

Picture of Completion!

Now I can easily chargr my flip 30. Also with the rapid charger and the micro usb head I can rapid charge my galaxy note 4. With this same arrangement I can do data transfers to my phone and pc.

I'm quite satisfied with the multi head USB cable I made and the next time I need to use the flip 30 I can charge a total of 3 usb devices! Hooray!


3366carlos (author)2017-02-19

great idea. I wish all companies would use the same standards for connectors.

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