What if I tell that we are actually able to transform everyday used & old things into something totally unique & beautiful. And if you feel that not everything can be reused or up-cycle, then I would say its only a matter of time till someone figures out how to do that.

I believe this instructable is a good example of the aforementioned statement. My love for cardboard craft is never gonna end and if you have probably seen this, you will figure out by yourself :D.

In this instructable I will show you how you can extract corrugated sheets from cardboard of your discarded shoe box or any other similar box and transform into something unique & beautiful which is in this case a gorgeous statement necklace... Yes..I said Necklace :D.

Along with making a necklace out of shoebox cardboard, I will also show you how to use everyday things like fish tank pebbles (yes my dear, you read it right :)) to beautify corrugated jewelry.

This instructable is a newly designed version of one of my previously published ible, that you may want to check out later.

If the design of the necklace looks complex ( and awesome :D) to you, well..that was the whole idea..LOL, trust me, it is more simple than it looks.

Some of you may think of this design similar to quilling but it has its own unique characteristic. If you look carefully, the third photograph above has light passing through the corrugated layers which I think is pretty awesome :)

Lets make some necklace out of a shoebox.

Step 1: What You Need for Making a Necklace Out of Shoebox Cardboard

Off course you will need an old shoe box.

And in order for making a necklace out of shoebox cardboard , you will need following items:

  1. Corrugated cardboard sheets with thin flutes(known as e-flute )(they look finer than regular flutes): You can make such sheets by peeling off the top layer of paper from the shoebox cardboard. Visit this step to see full illustration of the process of making corrugated sheets. This might require little practice but after that it is a whole lot of fun.
  2. Some strong glue like e6000.
  3. White glue
  4. Large jump rings
  5. Lots of Small jump rings or a jewlery chain with hook.
  6. Sharp scissor
  7. Frosted finish fish decorative glass or acrylic pebbles (I chose white frosted)
  8. Eyelets (no 3)
  9. A ruler
  10. OPTIONAL Tweezer
  11. OPTIONAL Some felt sheet (I chose white).
  12. Water to keep you hydrated throughout the making :)

The most important step in corrugated design to extract and prepare corrugated sheets to work with, I have dedicated a super detailed tutorial here explaining how to do that. You may want to check it out , if you are interested.

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