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Here you will be making a Paper Box that you can use for:

-Alternative games ball (hand tennis)

-Christmas Tree ornament

-Decoration (hang from ceiling..)

Step 1:

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Get one piece of paper (preferably A4 but you can use any size) and lay it on a flat surface.

Step 2:

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Then get one end of the paper and bring it a quarter of the way down so it goes inline with the side of the paper. Then crease it diagonally.

Step 3:

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Now you have a folded paper with a big triangle and a small rectangle. The next thing to do is to remove the rectangle at the bottom. So grab some scissors and cut the rectangle off.

Step 4:

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Once the rectangle has been removed get the triangle shape and open it up so its a square. Now you have one crease across the middle from one corner to the opposite corner. So you now have to make another crease across the middle from the other corner to its opposite corner.

Step 5:

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Now bring the non creased pieces in the middle,together to create another triangle with paper springs.

Step 6:

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Then grab one corner of the triangle and fold it in the middle to go to the top of the triangle. do this to the other side,flip it over and do the same to the other corners. So you are left with a diamond.

Step 7:

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Now with the diamond looking object you get the corners and bend them forward to meet the middle line this will be the pocket. Then get the paper behind it, Bend it and slot it in the little pocket you previously created so everything is compact.

Step 8:

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Open the compacted object you have create then look at the side where there is a small hole in it and put that side on top. Then blow through the hole,inserting air in and blowing it open to its ballon type shape.

Step 9: Done!

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Now you have the finished product. You can use this as an alternative ball to play with or even a christmas tree ornament with different colours and designs.


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