Making a Paper House that lights up as it gets dark!

Picture of Making a Paper House that lights up as it gets dark!

In this tutorial we will show you how to make a paper house that lights up as it gets dark.  To do this we will use some Bare Paint, a battery, some standard LEDs, an LDR (light dependent resistor), a transistor and a 100K resistor. 

To help you complete this project we've made the components and template available to buy in the House Kit available from our shop at

Otherwise, you can check out the Components section of our House Tutorial to find out where you can get all the components to make these on your own!

At Bare Conductive, we love playing around with Paper Circuitry and enjoy sharing fun projects that we, or our community members have come up with so make sure you check out our website for more great projects!
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Step 1: Materials you will need

Picture of Materials you will need
Craft knife
Cutting mat
Wire snippers
Wire strippers
Metal ruler
Double sided tape
Masking tape

Step 2: Components

Picture of Components
To purchase a House Kit with everything you need to make two houses, click here

Bare Paint (if you are using a jar you will also need a paint brush)
Mini LDR 202403 
Transistor BC548 
2 Bright LED's 
100K Resistor 
9V Battery Clip 
9V Battery 

Step 3: Step 1: Download, print and cut out your templates

Picture of Step 1: Download, print and cut out your templates
Download the PDF below to print your template. Cut out the template along the solid black outline.

Step 4: Step 2: Cut out the windows door, and the chimney space for the LDR

Picture of Step 2: Cut out the windows door, and the chimney space for the LDR
Once you have finished cutting out along the outline, cut out the windows, door and LDR space, using your craft knife and ruler.

Don't forget the cut out the Chimney space for the LDR.

Step 5: Step 3: Create Fold Lines

Picture of Step 3: Create Fold Lines
If you run the BACK of your craft knife blade along the fold line it will create a dent that will make it easier to fold.  It is important to use the BACK of the knife so as not to accidentally cut the paper

Step 6: Step 4: Fold up your template

Picture of Step 4: Fold up your template
Once you have created your fold lines, fold up your house.

At this stage you could decorate your house, why not draw on window boxes or roof shingles.....
WalidM4 months ago

I made it . its so easy!

BenniGholami7 months ago

Haha! If only I could make my houses for sale on the same block light up in the same way! That's definitely going to create some interesting advertising for the properties under my management in Phuket Haha!

but i have three terminal in LDR.
Can we use a buzzer instead of led lights and using this circuit make a laser powered burglar alarm?
alice22 years ago
i want to make it but im nt quite sure that il get these transistors and resistors here.. .any substitutes?
BareConductive (author)  alice22 years ago
Hi Alice2,

If you go to the House Tutorial Page on our website you should be able to find all the links for the components to make the house. These will be listed under "components". For the US you should be able to source these from Jameco. The link is below:

Alternatively, you can buy the kit with all the items you need from our online store

Enjoy the making!

mydnite2 years ago
The pdf template here has the variable resistor in it, check out their website for the right template in the tutorial section or use the url below.
Kiteman2 years ago
If you decorate the inside, then the house will change character as it lights up - you could make a spooky night-light!
BareConductive (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

Hi Kiteman!

Thant's a great idea. We made one with two different color LEDs by accident once and it actually surprised us when the color changed as it got darker from blue, to orange, and finally pink as the combination of the two!! So many ways to customize this simple toy :)
Love it!