Picture of Making a Paracord Lanyard for ID badges
This is my first Instructable so please bear with me as I try to take you through the steps of creating this below

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Step 1: Step one the tools you will need

Picture of step one the tools you will need
These are the tools you will need
Heat source for melting paracord (i Use a candle as I can use the wax around the outside to help shape the melted bit of paracord)
(not shown) you can use some paracord needles (note sure of the name) for the last part tucking the cord back into the Knot

lastly an old Lanyard, I say old as we are going to use all the bits that are still attached to it but in this case just replace the white lanyard. it is important to keep all the fastenings especially the black bit this is the bit that if your lanyard get caught in a lift door then it snaps off without strangling you if you don't keep this bit in then there is a chance that you could strangle yourself, you have been warned.
3366carlos7 months ago


we have exactly the same paracord!!!