Step 6: Attach the belly to the core

Picture of Attach the belly to the core
Lay the core on top of the belly.
Cross the "top" strands of the belly, then O1U1 pattern back to their respective sides.
Repeat this.
Keep repeating this until there are 6 crossings.
Then flip the whole thing over about the long axis of the whip.
ironbaer2 years ago
So I'm having a complete arsehole of a time trying to start this step. I've tried 3 times to attach my belly to the core and each has failed. I can get the diamond down decent but can't get past the next step. Your second photo is confusing me on how to do the O1U1. Any tips?
senchele3 years ago
Love this instructable!! I was wondering if you start the belly on the handle of the bullwhip? There are no pics of bullwhip handle so I just started mine at the core. Later when making the outer layer, you say just like you did with the belly? also the checkerboard turns into u2o2 in the pics later? Thanks for all the help!
SAI Peregrinus (author)  senchele3 years ago
I start the belly on the bullwhip at the core, yes.
With the bullwhips pictured I started O1U1 checkerboard as usual, then played with the pattern a bit, going to stairstep, diamonds, and finally O2U2 herringbone. The only really critical bit is that the checkerboard should be long enough to secure the overlay to the handle/belly (depending on whip type). Otherwise any sort of fancy/standard pattern can be used to get the look and feel you want.
esemjay4 years ago
First off great 'ible. One of the best whip making ones I've found. Especially because of this part but it does have me a little confused. What do you mean by "flip the hole thing over"? For example, using the first photo as reference, would you reverse the location of the black lines from the right to the left by physically turning the whole assembly over. Also you refer to this reversal in later steps but don't specify how many crossings you should have until its time to flip. Is it just whenever the colors isolate themselves again? Meaning all one color on one side.