This is an instructable about the piece of furniture I made for my A Level design course. It took me the best part of 4 months with about 4 and a half hours a week. I think it came out well and my Dad (who i made it for) really likes it. It is made completely from birch plywood, except the hardwood (sapele) strips on the drawers and shelves.
It was designed to hold all of my Dad's records, some of his CD's and his sound system. Since then he has treated himself to a new record player and amp, to go with the furniture apparently! I think all of the wood I used came to about £150 - £175 definitely no more than that.

Step 1: The Specification & Initial Design

Picture of The Specification & Initial Design
int des. 2.jpg
It's really important to come up with a wide range of designs that match the specification you have. My specification was fairly long at about a page of A3 but it could have gone on to be much longer.

Then I started to design Ideas around the spec and what my Dad wanted.
I hoped to come up with about 6 initial ideas, but thought 5 was in the end enough.
These designs were then shown and then we picked the favourite, which happened to be the final idea on the Int. Des. 2 sheet.

Now we have a rough idea we need to develop the design for production, scale it to actual size and make sure it will actually fit the specification.

mganpate2 years ago
pls send cad drawing on mahesh.gan.143@gmail.com pls pls nice design
beautiful and functional
mr.frob3 years ago
beautiful design
Phantomn (author) 3 years ago
Thanks again, really appreciate the comments! If you really like it don't forget to vote! (shameless self publicity ftw) P
Katzsta3 years ago
Beautiful piece of furniture. Excellent design, craftsmanship and style. Great work!
This I will do, I wood however put a backing on it though.
I give this a 5 STAR rating
Treknology3 years ago
This is a project for the true appreciation of vinyl. Regardless of any flaws, it still gets five stars.
Rich993 years ago
next time, dry assemble. 8>) nice work!
dc0de3 years ago
Great work... inspiring!
ginger200373 years ago
I love it! Such a beautiful project!
This is truly beautiful! I bet your Dad is so proud of you and it!
dawg0653 years ago
i can see this being used a dresser.if you don't own records.this can be used for almost anything.thanks for the instructable.
bryanbrews3 years ago
Really amazing! Will you post your CAD and CNC files so we can try building it?
wjbean3 years ago
I've got to say this is just gorgeous. Forgot a shelf? Damned hard to tell. I'm very interested in doing this project, but with my own design. Thanks for sharing and showing what is possible with "lowly" plywood.
zoltzerino3 years ago
Hooray for A-Level Product Design! (Expect to see a couple of slideshows from my coursework up at the end of the (academic) year).

What CAD software did you use? Looks like you've got one in Ubuntu and I assume Solidworks produced that wonderful rendering.
Wildrat3 years ago
You did a good job! You have me thinking now.
I will pass something along I figured out for myself. I used to mentally beat my self up because I would make some small mistake that noone would ever see till I brought their attention to it. Don't beat yourself up over these things. I actually believe now it gives projects a personality. It shows it is something handmade, not off the factory particle board conveyor line.
There is nothing like real wood furniture!Again Great Job!
Phantomn (author) 3 years ago
Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm glad you like it. =]
ChapDad3 years ago
Really nice bit of work. Sometimes the only way to get the perfect bit of furniture is to build it yourself.

Also nice to see the most important part of making furniture, the initial design consultation and the many many sketches. I'd give you an A for this, and I hope your teacher did too.
Mr. Noack3 years ago
Very slick design Sir. Well done! Great sketches too!
What a wonderful piece. Seriously great work. :)