Step 3: Gluing Together the Plywood

Picture of Gluing Together the Plywood
The hull is tack-welded together with CA glue. Check the alignment of the bottom, it should be even with the bottom of the sides. Make adjustments accordingly. If the bottom does not stay in place, tighten up the wires a bit.
Run a short (1/4”) bead of CA glue into the chine ever 3” along the seam. Don’t over due this, just a little bit of glue every few inches.
After applying glue to about a foot or so of seam, mist the glue with accelerator. Move down both side until the whole chine is tacked together.
Put a few drops going up the stems at both ends of the boat. Spray to set the glue.
When both seams are glued and set and the stems are secured together, remove all the wires.
Clip the wire on the inside with a pair of diagonal wire cutters. Pull the wires out from the outside. Leave the wires at the top of the sides which hold the sides to the forms. These will get glassed over and removed later. Make sure they are tight to the inside of the hull.