Making a Pop Up Card That Has an Image of a Heart and the Word Love





Introduction: Making a Pop Up Card That Has an Image of a Heart and the Word Love

About: GyroCut: Works like a pen cuts like a knife. Perfect for Paper-Crafting, Decoupage, Stencil-Making, Model builders, and much more.

In this DIY I make the card pictured above.

Step 1: Download the PDF HERE

Step 2: In This Video I Go Through the Steps I Take to Make the Card

Step 3: Make the Pop Up Card

The tool that I use in the video is called the GyroCut.

I sell the GyroCut On my website



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    please can u put steps instead of the video becuse my utube does not work

    This card is very nice and simple!

    The cutting pen thing looks interesting. What makes it better than, say, a regular old x-acto blade?

    2 replies

    This short video (54 sec) shows how the blade turns as you cut. When I follow a curved line like I would with a pen the blade turns with the cut. I hope this helps.

    The blade rotates 360 degrees. You use it like a pen put it it cuts like a knife. If you were to cut a circle with a x-acto blade you have to crank your wrist around and maybe have to turn the paper. You would not have to do this with the GyroCut cut.