Picture of How to make a Portable Photo Studio for Mobiles
Hi. In this insturctable you will learn how to make a portable photo studio from scratch for you mobile phones. It wont take much time and its very easy to build. I have made this instructable in many steps to minimize confusion so I just want that you read the entire instructable completely with patience and if you like the instructable please vote for it.

We will be making 2 things in this instructable i.e. :-

Step 1-8 - Making the stand
Step 9-11 - Making the background
Step 11-12 - Testing our equpment

Step 1: Making the stand - 1

Picture of Making the stand - 1
First off we will start by making the stand for the phone. I have seen many stands on the internet but they all were down facing. I wanted to make a tripod kind of stand, which would face forward, so I decided to make one.

To make the stand you will need :-

A thin and tall round or rectangular box (I used the box of my soldering iron)
2 waste CD's
1 brick shaped thermocol or wooden piece
A sheet of paper big enough to cover the cardboard box (optional)


Is thermocol the same as styrofoam? The thing in the pic looks like it's made of styrofoam

jumper1111 (author)  dobeedobeedo1 year ago

I don't lnow. It is a very hard thermocole and it came in a packaging inside a box. But if you want to you can use styrofoam also.

Great it awesome
jumper1111 (author) 1 year ago

I dont know why, but this instructable got unpublished for a day. I have re-published it