Hi. In this insturctable you will learn how to make a portable photo studio from scratch for you mobile phones. It wont take much time and its very easy to build. I have made this instructable in many steps to minimize confusion so I just want that you read the entire instructable completely with patience and if you like the instructable please vote for it.

We will be making 2 things in this instructable i.e. :-

Step 1-8 - Making the stand
Step 9-11 - Making the background
Step 11-12 - Testing our equpment

Step 1: Making the Stand - 1

First off we will start by making the stand for the phone. I have seen many stands on the internet but they all were down facing. I wanted to make a tripod kind of stand, which would face forward, so I decided to make one.

To make the stand you will need :-

A thin and tall round or rectangular box (I used the box of my soldering iron)
2 waste CD's
1 brick shaped thermocol or wooden piece
A sheet of paper big enough to cover the cardboard box (optional)

<p>Is thermocol the same as styrofoam? The thing in the pic looks like it's made of styrofoam</p>
<p>I don't lnow. It is a very hard thermocole and it came in a packaging inside a box. But if you want to you can use styrofoam also.</p>
Great it awesome
<p>I dont know why, but this instructable got unpublished for a day. I have re-published it</p>

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