Making a Powerful Generator From a Blender Motor DIY





Introduction: Making a Powerful Generator From a Blender Motor DIY

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In this instructable, i will teach you how to transform a 220 volts Blender motor into a powerful generator without any additional circuit.

Blender Motors are actually the universal Motors which are capable of operating at both AC or DC inputs.

High power DC Motors are really difficult to find at home but the Blender motors are easily available almost everywhere and from that point of view, this project is of great importance.

Since they operate at high voltage therefore they also generate high voltage of 200V to 300V.

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Step 1: Requirements:

  1. mobile charger/laptop charger
  2. 48 volts to 220 volts inverter
  3. bulbs
  4. 1-Universal motor
  5. jumper wires
  6. bulb connectors
  7. thread

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Step 2: Connections:

The above Universal motor has four wires.Two wires both black in colour are for the armature while the other two wires black and red are for the field.

Now take a laptop charger and measure its output voltage with a multimeter. I have used a 19 volts laptop charger though you can use any voltage range from 5 volts which is for a mobile charger to 20 volts which is usually for the laptop chargers.

Connect the two output wires from the laptop charger to the field wires of the universal motor irrespective of the polarity.

Once you do that, the field winding gets activated.Now take an inverter and connect it to the armature terminals of the Universal motor.

To the output 220 volts or 110 volts side of the inverter, connect the load bulb.

Now take the plastic thread and wound it around the shaft of the Blender(universal) motor.

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Step 3: Testing:

After your completed the previous steps, all you have to do is hold the Universal motor with one hand and pull the plastic thread as fast as you can with your other hand.

You should see your bulb glowing brightly.

The maximum voltage that i could achieve with the hand generation test was 122.8V DC as can be seen in the picture.

The maximum power that it can generate should be 200W though it depends a lot upon the mechanical rotation and the power fed to the field.

To understand it better please watch the video here.

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    20 Discussions


    9 months ago

    Tthat's why you can not run car with alternator without the battery. You simply need some small current to activate electromagnets in alternator to provide enough electricity for sparks to work.

    4 replies

    I am a bit confused with your statement...A engine won't run without a battery? One of the simplest ways to check to see if your alternator is charging is to disconnect the battery while it is running. Perhaps things are different these days.

    There's a residual charge left in in the coils and thats how you can keep a charge running as a feed back loop but eventually it fades away !!

    oh, thanks for fix. the engine won't start without the battery, can't be even pushed down the hill to start it.

    okay, okay, This whole "field charge" is a new concept to me, but I'm curious as to whether breaking that current during generation will effectively shut down the generator, or if it becomes self sustaining after it starts to produce current?

    Can I use it for wind generator with 12 v battery connected to field winding?

    1 reply

    Squirrel cage ac motors does not operates this way. They do not generate ac power when rotated

    4 replies

    I'm curious, You have on the instructable that you are using a laptop charger as well, is this plugged into an electrical outlet? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? I've seen similar setups were a motor from a treadmill or washing machine is used in conjunction with a wind turbine to generate electricity to charge a car battery, but you need consistent wind in order for this to be functional. I can't see how spinning the shaft with a makeshift pull cord is beneficial. Even if you had a crank this setup would not be practical. And that's quite a large motor for it to be a blender motor, is it from a commercial blender or a really old blender? The one in mine is small enough to fit in my hand!


    9 months ago

    Most any motor when revered in operation can produce electricity. If it is a permanent magnet type, you simply spin the armature and it will produce an output proportional to the speed the armature is spun. If it is a electromagnetic stator type, you have to feed the stator some voltage to produce the magnetic fields. But then it produces an output voltage as well.

    3 replies

    so permanent magnet containing motor is better to generate electricity. hmm
    by they way this project is nice.. :)