Step 5: Put it together and your done

all you have to do now is to thread the outer casing on the the inner road and your done.

i have pictures of the threaded rod on its own in the casing which then can be put in to the chuck of the drill and used that way, but also of the one that can be used with the DC motor.

Some of you are saying to your selves "where does the petroleum jelly come in to it then" well i use this as a cheap grease, best thing i have found is to mount the rod on your motor or in the drill and get some petroleum jelly on your fingers and use the motor to spin the shaft slowly while you grease the rod, this will provide less friction on the rod when its spinning up and down on the nut and hopefully make it last longer and it wont squeak when its turning ;-)
<p>Question about the pulley- Maybe I am missing something you already mentioned but why do you need the pulley if the actuator is directly driven by the motor shaft? or is it just being used as a collar?</p>
<p>what pully? you mean the part on the end of the motor? yeah i'm using it as a collar just to attach to the motor</p>
<p>Great and simple project! Congrats!</p><p>Do you have any video of the actuator working?</p><p>I'm trying to build something like this, but I have to admit I'm struggling with something along the way... I feel kind of stupid because there's not a lot to it, but I'm just not getting it... :p</p>
sorry I don't have any video and I have moved house since I made it and its been binned a long time ago.
<p>Thanks anyway! I know it's an easy concept so I just need to revise my prototype.<br>I'm trying to build an actuator to push something out of a pvc pipe. ;)<br></p>
<p>A while ago I picked up two GMC (cheap) 18V drills at our local recycling center.</p><p>Two 18V motors and gearboxes and speed control triggers. Bonus chucks. And the clips fit on my 18V Roybi batteries.</p><p>I contacted my local plastic recycling (curb pickup) and they were happy for the ABS shells to go in the recycling. (minus the rubbery grips)</p><p>So don't bother buying a drill.</p>
This is awesome, btw. Do you think this would work for a TV lift? I want to build a cabinet to house my 47inch TV and all it's equipment. Thank you!!
<p>What your TV lift output? Now we have a IR remote system for TV lifts open/close that control by your TV remote, but no need extra remotes.</p>
yes I think it would work, but I think it would be slow
Ok perfect. Thank you! This is going to be great- now to convince my dad to help me build it!
<p>i just advise that DO NOT GET IT NEAR FIRE because epoxy can not sustain fire heat</p>
<p>A good thing! I do linear actuators. Use motors 30-60 rpm and motors of drills with gear. Apply actuators for automatic airing of hotbeds and greenhouses. Much better hydraulics.</p>
Thanks for the instructable! Say, what's the estimated cost of the total unit? It would also help if you posted the make/model/part no. for any components if possible.
I estimate about &pound;15 not including the motor which was salvaged. <br> <br>It hard to give makes and models as it was just an old circular saw which I had kicking around originally from B&amp;Q but they dont make it any more.
to be honest most of this was just junk I had laying around at the time. I have since decided that this actuator Is not going to do what I need it to do and I'm going to build a scissor lift arrangement.
Just curious. What would something like this lift. I'm wanting to lift about 30 lbs and i'm not sure if something like a drill will do that.
you might want to put it though a gear box first to get the torque, you could use a wheel chair motor, or washing machine motor.
you would also need a bigger thread and nut, as you dont want the thread to be stripped off. my one lifted about 5kg with out issues.
Thanks for the feedback. After I saw this I was digging around a bit more and found a scissor lift idea I liked.<br>In the end I'm trying to build a standing desk kind of like the Wallaby standing desk. I think I can take an old car jack, weld a pole to it vertically and place platforms on the pole. A simple drill attachment to the scissor jack would raise and lower my desk.<br>Another weekend project....
excellent, do you have the link to the scissor lift project as I too am building something which would be quicker and more stable with a scissor lift.
another idea might be to make a scissor lift.
I was wondering if there's a way to actuate this linear actuator by way of infrared remote control like in this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLodZGNvV9k
Wicked cool instructable I would not have thought it was so easy. I was thinking about how linear motors work before I did this search and I hadn't thought to do it this way Thank you!
no problem
You will find some very useful gears in an old kitchen mixer. they have a worm gear and two ring gears to go on it. this could mount the motor perpendicular to the screw.
I've actually changed my mind about using this in my former and i'm opting for a scissor lift type setup
I like it. I have some ideas that could use that. What have you used it for? And roughly how powerful is it?
I havnt used it yet i was intending to use it to raise a vacuum platform for a vacuum former i was going to build but i have found another method.<br><br>i expect it could lift a fair weight as the motor is an 18v that came from a cordless circular saw.
very cool!
thanks man, i'm sure there are ways to imporve on the design, i am still lloking at a way of gearing it so the motor is beside the shaft, but i cant figure a way using cheap materials where the gears wont give out to quickly.
If space isn't a problem, what about using bicycle sprockets and a short piece of chain? Heck, by using two different sizes, you could change the speed of actuation at the same time. You could also try stopping by a garage or photocopier repair place. Either should have junked strong gears that would do the trick.

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